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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Name Game

The LCP is still up and running and in the running. There's life in the old pathway yet...

Running with the wrong branding is not conducive to commercial success. Running with toxic branding is commercial suicide.

Let’s face it, changing the name from The Voluntary Euthanasia Society to Dignity in Dying was the neatest bit of savvy ever. To start up a ‘charity’ called Compassion in Dying really was the icing on the cake. Do that and you can con anyone.

The name game is the main game! It really does matter.

They're changing the brand. This is Dr. John Hughes -
I think the problem with the Pathway, the Liverpool Care Pathway, is that it’s become rather a toxic brand.
They're tweaking the recipe -
"I actually crashed one of their meetings in September because it came to my notice that they were having these meetings in secret; there was nothing publicised whatsoever and, in fact, they actually said there at the meeting that these meetings were going to be all hush-hush et cetera and they were talking with professionals from all over the country. There must have been about thirty to forty people there who came down to discuss in London, em, the replacement to the LCP. I was absolutely furious, because basically they were just, em, saying, you know, patting it on the head and saying well okay that bit was wrong, whatever, but it’s still going to exist. And they didn’t actually listen to what we had said."Denise Charlesworth-Smith

Roll up, roll up! They're keeping the dream alive...

This is the North-London Hospice

Aimed at:
All grades of Qualified Community Nurses, District Nurses, Nursing Home staff, GP’s who require training on best practice on:
 Initial assessment and care of the dying patient
 Ongoing care of the dying patient
 After care for the family and carers
Forty quid and a couple of hours out your busy day…? This is cheap at twice the price just to file in your portfolio and to add to your résumé.

Much more time-productive than logging into NurChat for a measley one hour of CPD.

Much less arduous than a Nursing Times online training unit for a pimply two hours' CPD.

You'll be getting them LCPed in no time! 

[Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term for a framework of learning and development activities which is seen as contributing to an individual's continued effectiveness as a professional.]

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Bowel movements on the net...

Twitter conversation 08/10/13:

Katherine Sleeman ‏@kesleeman -
"Teaching MSc students tomorrow on integrated care pathways in palliative care. Anticipating strong opinions and stimulating debate #LCP #hpm"
"Question: #LCP axed due to lack of evidence. What do we do if the pending LCP trials report benefit? Undo Neuberger recommendations? #hpm"
claire gordon ‏@beans2er -
"@kesleeman was the #LCP not axed due to the daily mail and telegraph's unbalanced, provocative and inflammatory reporting?"
Katherine Sleeman ‏@kesleeman -
"@beans2er those papers provided anecdotal evidence of harm which Neuberger was unable to counter with strong (RCT) evidence of benefit."
claire gordon ‏@beans2er -
"@kesleeman fair enough. Must be difficult area to get evidence in! Obviously there's anecdotal evidence of harm caused by media reports too!"
Katherine Sleeman ‏@kesleeman -
"@beans2er exactly. But trials *are* pending. Don't know results but could be interesting..."
Lucy Lyon ‏@LucyLyon2 -
"@kesleeman Very valid point however I think the damage is done we need to now think of it as an opportunity to improve EoLC even more"
paula parr ‏@paulawooparr -
"@kesleeman yes but the damage to public perception is done, we need to move on & undo damage to eol care B4 too much harm 2 any people"
rebecca ‏@MsNaughtyCheese -
"@kesleeman yes its "Evidence Based Practice" not "Daily Mail Dictates Practice" been involved in an #LCP study, can't wait for the results"
Kate ‏@katemasters67 -
"@MsNaughtyCheese @kesleeman can't blame it all on the Mail."
rebecca ‏@MsNaughtyCheese -
"@katemasters67 @kesleeman I don't, they were right to expose terrible practice but they have no right to dictate the remedy"
Kate ‏@katemasters67 -
"@MsNaughtyCheese @kesleeman it was always in doctors hands to put things right. I wish they had done more."
rebecca ‏@MsNaughtyCheese -
"@katemasters67 @kesleeman i'm not at all saying what they did is second to what the Mail have done, but thr Mail's reponse is still wrong"
Sharon Hudson ‏@ShazzaHudson -
"@kesleeman We will need to use the results to take the 'good bits' and ensure the right infrastructure in place #lcp"
David Garbutt ‏@David_Garbutt -
"@ShazzaHudson @kesleeman Education, Education my, Education #LCP"
Barbara Jack ‏@barbarajack14 -
"@kesleeman the evidence from Europe of the LCP is good"
"@kesleeman it's still being used in southport as called vigil. No complaints! So what's in a name?" Bruce Scott ‏@skipbidder - "@kesleeman LCP Axed due to lack of evidence? Or rather due to poor implementation in some cases, combined with political hatchet job? #hpm" Katherine Sleeman ‏@kesleeman - "@skipbidder The lack of strong evidence meant there was nothing to counter the flood of adverse reports. Think lack of evidence bottom line."
Q: When is a Pathway not a pathway?
A: When it's a Vigil.

The LCP, still VIGILant –

This is the Queenscourt Hospice
The 'Vigil' is a multiprofessional document which enhances patient care by the co-operation and collaboration of those involved with the patient’s care.

The ‘Vigil’ is now in use across all health care settings including nursing and residential homes throughout West Lancs, Southport and Formby. It is important that all your staff are aware of the ‘Vigil’ and know how to use it.

West Lancs, Southport and Formby Palliative Care Services are offering FREE ‘in-house’ training for both Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants on the use of the ‘Vigil’.

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