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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Early Years

"I'm not dead..."
"You soon will be."

Some pretty serious humour for Life Café...

This is from British History Online -
Liverpool suffered severely from the Black Death; in 1360 the deaths were so numerous that the dead could not be buried in Walton Churchyard, and a licence was obtained from the Bishop of Lichfield for burials in St. Nicholas's Churchyard. 
This is Monty Python: Not Dead Yet -

luwke  Uploaded on 24 Jun 2008
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
bring out your dead

This is, of course, cutting-edge black humour from 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.

This is really not so funny. In fact, this is really quite shocking and it nearly cost this dear lady her life...

BBC News Health
Kathleen Vine - All I can remember is they weren't feeding me. Up above my bed, they'd put 'Nil by Mouth' and I was begging for food.

Helen Grady - Can you remember when you were asking for food what happened? How did the hospital respond?

Kathleen Vine - They were ignoring me...

On the day after she'd gone onto the Liverpool Care Pathway, we were visited by an end of life nurse. And he was ever so nice - I mean, the nursing staff were all lovely - and he came in and he was sort of asking us if we'd thought about the funeral and how we were going to tell our daughters, and just, sort of, getting us to talk about it, I suppose. And I was saying, I just can't believe it. You know, she came in with a dislocated shoulder ; we're now being told she's dying. Nanny woke up at that point. And she had a full on conversation with him. She actually flirted with him. You know, she was saying, ooh, aren't you lovely? You've got lovely eyes. Surely, that's not a dying person. She's chatting you up, asking if you'll feed her... This, this can't be right, you know. [Laugh...] - Kathleen Vine's granddaughters
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Report
This lady was not dying.
"I'm not dead..." 
Had the EoLC team succeeded in their purpose, that would have been an act of murder. They did not. Was that not, then, attempted murder...?
"You soon will be."
Is no-one to be held responsible?

Are doctors, clinicians above the law?

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