Monday, 25 November 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Ellershaw Revival Hour

If you can't flog a dead horse, how about a dead patient..?

This is PubMed

This submission by Ellershaw et al to PubMed bears the grandiose title: 'Assessing the Quality of Care for Dying Patients From the Bereaved Relatives' Perspective: Further Validation of "Evaluating Care and Health Outcomes-for the Dying"'
This is another tool from the Ellershaw stable...

ECHO-D. That's: 'Evaluating Care and Health Outcomes - for the Dying'!

Only a third of those deemed suitable for canvas responded. The results were not dissimilar to those found by the Massimo Costantini Italian model.

Both models attempt to put a positive spin to their findings.

In response to Costantini, we said:

Part of the CQUIN framework is the PROM (Patient Response Outcome Measure). PROMs "are a means of capturing patient perspectives on the effectiveness of their care". The only problem with PROMS in regard to EoLC and the LCP, of course, is that the patient outcome is that they are (more than likely) dead.

In the case of this trial, what is being recorded and assessed is the subjective impression of the observer, not the objective experience of the subject. That is not a particularly scientific test. It must suffice, however, in the absence of a recorded impression of the subject - unless they can bring on board a soul midwife to initiate a conversation with the dearly departed.

That is, of course, what a successful LCP send-off is all about: the observer's impression; not the subject's experience.
Say no more, Squire...

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