Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - It Is MURDER!

Mrs Jean Tulloch was starved until dead.

A report by an expert consultant has found that lack of nutrition brought about Mrs Jean Tulloch’s death.

According to NHS Lothian, the 'care' that Jean received was compassionate, professional and in her 'best interests'.

The Sunday Post 

A son has launched a legal action against the NHS amid claims his mum starved to death in a Scottish hospital. 
Peter Tulloch, 56, has also demanded police open a fresh criminal inquiry into the death mum Jean, 83, after a damning new medical report criticised her care as “negligent” and “unlawful”. 
The dossier by a respected hospital consultant says the gran of 11 was given less than a days’ calorie intake over her entire three and a half week stay at Edinburgh’s Western General, where she was being treated for a urinary tract infection. 
It was commissioned by a lawyer acting on behalf of Peter after he raised concerns about the use of the Liverpool Care Pathway on his mum. 
This independent report — which comes as both Scottish and the UK Governments look to introduce jail time for medics found guilty of wilful neglect — concludes that: 
While Jean’s death certificate officially lists “end-stage dementia” as killing her, the “starvation diet” she was put on “materially contributed to her death.”The retired nurse was put on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway without proper consent. 
And medical staff ignored her son’s rights to make decisions on her behalf as her legally appointed welfare guardian. 
Last night Peter blasted: “I have called for a murder enquiry to be opened into this now. As far as I’m concerned this is proof that my mum was neglected in hospital. 
“I was concerned that my mother was not being fed at the time and raised the issue in formal complaints which were not treated properly. 
“No attempt to feed her was ever made. She was let down by the NHS and I want answers. Doctors and nurses should face stiff penalties for neglect. 
“A few prominent convictions would concentrate people’s minds and prevent a lot of the abuse that has been exposed recently.”
-  Daily Record

The Edinburgh News continues 
Jean Tulloch’s “starvation diet” was found by a top medical consultant to have “materially contributed to her death” at the Western General. 
Hospital bosses officially put her death down to end-stage dementia but a damning report, commissioned by a lawyer acting on behalf of the 83-year-old’s family, has prompted son Peter to demand a murder inquiry. 
He claims the decision to put Jean on the Liverpool Care Pathway – a process that accelerates dying by withdrawing food and liquids – killed a woman who was “far from dying”. 
The 56-year-old said: “I have called for a murder inquiry to be opened into this now.”

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  1. My father was put on the 'Liverpool CARE pathway' and my sisters were told off for giving him food and drink.