Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – A "Passive Euthanasia"

It is all a matter of perception or interpretation, it seems.This is from the Canadian forum Dying With Dignity -

October 20, 2012

Over My Dead Body

Many doctors throughout Europe nevertheless continue to provide a kind of passive euthanasia for patients in their final hours or days. The “Liverpool care pathway for the dying patient”, first adopted in the north-western English city in the late 1990s, is now standard practice in most British hospitals and hospices. Under it, doctors allow the patient (or his family if he is comatose) to choose whether to prolong life artificially or to remove the life-support system and let the patient die—often with the aid of an extra-strong dose of (life-shortening) painkillers. In America, beset by worries about lawsuits, such an approach is rare and risky.
Jan Crowley DWD Member and speaker
One thing Jan's got wrong: the patient doesn't choose and the relatives have no say! But...

"Life-shortening painkillers..."

"A kind of passive euthanasia..."

Well, there you have it in black and white. It's a pity they can't be more up-front over here and admit to what the LCP (Liverpool Care Pathway) really is. A back-door euthanasia program to balance the NHS (National-socialist Health Service) books!

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