Thursday, 25 October 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – The Economics Of A Pathway

How much is a state pension?

Full basic state pension for 2012-13 for a single person is £107.45 per week. Full basic state pension for a married couple (or civil partners) for 2012-13 is £171.85.

Apart from savings directly to the NHS (National-socialist Health Service) by freeing up beds and resources, if 130,000 elderly patients die by LCP (Liverpool Care Pathway) each year and if their lives are thereby shortened by just one day, using the figure for a single person, that will amount to an extraordinary saving to the Exchequer on pension payments of...

Wait for it...

£ 1,995,500 

The Pathway is an all-round no-brainer to save the State a fortune and dig the Exchequer out of the pension hole it's in.

The guidance being given to GPs is similar to that already advised to St. Mungo's where Staff are encouraged to follow such LCP Protocols as:

Ask yourself the question “Would I be surprised if this person were to die at some stage in the near future?”

A hostel staff member is quoted as saying:

“It can be very difficult to predict when a resident is going to die. We tend to try to find informal and supportive ways to broach the subject with each and every one of them if possible. Sometimes this is about picking up on a comment or remark made about their mortality, and using this as an entry point to further discussion.”

The Death Programme goes marching on.
Department of Health

DOH CQUIN payments are financial incentives made to encourage implementation of required objectives and meet targets, "to reward excellence by linking a proportion of providers’ income to the achievement of local quality improvement goals". 

Are DOH CQUIN payments also being made to GP Hitmen to implement the Death Lists? 

GPs say that lists are nothing new. But a list of diabetics is not the same as a list of those selected to die. It is a case of plucking the runt from the litter that the stronger may better survive. That’s not nice NICE. That’s just nasty NAZI!

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