Saturday, 27 October 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway - The CQUIN Scandal Spreads!

The devil goes by many names and his standards are burnished in gold. But this is the world of Newspeak, and what he says is not what he does.

The whistle-blowers have been heard.

The news has broken. The Mail has spoken out. 

Other newspapers have followed suit...

And those without a voice  have been given a voice and a platform from which to speak.

But the CQUIN has tentacles that reach across every aspect of care.

The good, old-fashioned family doctor is no more. What would Dr. Finlay make of it all...?

There are only hard-headed Practice Managers and GPs whose focus is the Practice, not the patient; to make the audits, meet the targets, get that coveted gold standard accreditation.

Are our GPs, therefore - ever on the look-out for a 'nice earner' - also receiving CQUIN payments to act as Hitmen and draw up those Hit Lists? 

The CQUIN scandal spreads! 

Question: Are care services such as St. Mungo's also receiving CQUIN payments to roll out the LCP protocols?

The CQUIN scandal spreads!

Lets have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It's about time!

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