Sunday, 5 January 2014

Liverpool Care Pathway - Some Words To Surmise

The accolade is for equal rights and rightly so. So, why do they proclaim the right to die for some and not for all...?

The doctor came into the room, stone-faced. The family looked up expectantly, blankly, at the bedside, awaiting what was to be said.

She addressed them calmly, not without sympathy, but with a stern and steady tone:

“He’s fighting for his life...”

Such words are heard no more on our wards. What follows here is, also, said not without sympathy, but with a stern and steady tone:
I disliked Susan Griffiths within seconds of clicking on one of her many videos. I saw a woman who was dramatizing something that did not need dramatizing, and she was doing so while fully made up and elegantly dressed. She did not look sick, but seemed ghastly to me nonetheless. Manipulators, especially polished ones, have that effect on me.

I do not think that people who choose suicide over facing reality are brave and stoical. In the military, soldiers who turn and run are called deserters. When we honour our veterans on Remembrance Day, we are not honouring deserters; we are honouring those who stayed and fought. There was nothing honourable about Griffith’s choice, although she presented an attractive enough package that reporters, apparently handicapped by a total lack of discernment, started falling all over each other with admiration.
This needs to be read. It is addressed to Canadians; it might also be addressed to us Brits. The same culture of death is stalking this land. This is Irene Ogrizek -

This is 'Speaking Ill of The Dead: Susan Griffiths'; this is a compelling read...
"Although many feel compassion for her, I find it difficult. Her self-proclaimed status as a dying person gave her a powerful megaphone and she used it to make life difficult for those of us who care for the vulnerable and elderly."
That is said in regard to Susan Griffiths. These are words that should strike close to the bone to LCP groupies on Twitter...

Amy Hasbrouck of Toujours Vivant-Not Dead Yet says:
Suicide prevention policies and services should be applied equally to disabled and non-disabled people, without bias or prejudice about the quality of life with a disability.
'Nough said!

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