Thursday, 16 January 2014

Liverpool Care Pathway - And The Greatest Of These Is Power

In the stampeed to End of Life Care, Life Care has fallen under hoof and is trampled...

"People are not aware of the code of doctors, the six Ps:
First is Power, then comes Pride, then is Profit, then is Promise, then is Priority and, last, the Patient. Doctors will not report other doctor’s negligence, even at the cost of human life”
"Be afraid, for this could happen to you.”
"We are nothing but a number..."
"The laws made in Canada are made to protect the rich and powerful. Power is protecting power; the people must protect the people; the courts are owned by the people, not the judges."


A Death Cult, arrogant, brash and boastful, struts the globe. Haughty and proud, it claims mercy as its goal, but that is fallacy.

In Canada, the stampeed to End of Life Care has trampled Life Care under hoof and will only further enable the arrogant, brash and boastful to bury their mistakes.

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