Sunday, 19 January 2014

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Communitarian Imperative

It's all quite natural really, nothing unexpected...
It's Communitarian selection. And it's here.

Is this the machination of a Hampstead Set over their elevenses’ or morning coffee break? Is this Death Café conniving its latest whiz?

This is The Independent –
New drugs will only be made available on the NHS if they help people deemed to be a benefit to society under proposals that prompted fears elderly people could be denied treatment.
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) is due to change how it decides which drugs can be provided by the health service.
The proposals would mean Nice would have to consider “wider societal benefits” of the treatments as well as the cost and benefits to patients.

These are the protocols of the Complete Lives System expounded by Zeke and the Transatlantic Unholy Communion.

The Telegraph reports -

New drugs would only be licensed for the NHS if they help those judged to be a benefit to wider society under proposals from the health watchdog.
Pharmaceutical firms on Thursday night warned that the move could lead to new medicines being denied to the elderly.
A senior professor also said that the plans could threaten the well-being of older people and were “deeply suspect”, while charities questioned the ethics of the policy.
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), which decides whether new medicines should be approved, is due to change its criteria on how funding should be allocated.
Under an appraisal system, Nice will have to take into account “wider societal benefits” alongside the cost of medication and its life-enhancing properties.
George has searched the economic pie for a plum and pronounced 2014 to be the “year of hard truths".

This year, 2014, Jerry installs Simon Stevens as the new CEO of NHS England.

What, that Simon Stevens, Senior Exec. of United Health, former policy adviser on health under the Blair administration, Chief Exec. UHC Medicare and Retirement, President UH Europe, Nuffield Trust Trustee, Commonwealth Fund Board Member, ex-Board Member Medicare Rights Center, ex-Trustee The King's Fund, one-time Brixton Councillor...?

Yes, that Simon Stevens.

Simon Stevens is already the second most powerful man in healthcare and he's not even in the job yet. Like his reputation, his influence precedes him!

What’s this…?

“Working together, we can ensure that quality health care is accessible to all... and that it is affordable and sustainable - not a burden to future generations.”

It’s all the current NHS healthcare hype, isn’t it?

Nope. It’s Simon in his role as boss of United Health.

At last – heave a sigh – a man truly in tune with the NHS ethos and a true Communitarian, through and through.

At last, a man truly worthy of the post, a true Chairman to take charge of the Great Leap Forward that comes in April.

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