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Liverpool Care Pathway - A Life Café Poser

To teach, to learn, perchance to CPR...
A poser for Life 

When 72 year-old John Forsyth collapsed in his driveway in July, 2011, his neighbour, Greg Catherwood, jumped into action to put him into the recovery position and start CPR. It saved his life.
John Forsyth, 72, said since the incident he had learned cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and joined support group Wyre Forest Take Heart.
“This should be built into the school curriculum for everyone to learn. Once you have learned it, it stays with you forever and you could need it anywhere, in any situation, to save a life.”
This is the The Kidderminster Shuttle

This should be built into the school curriculum, says John.

This is the Guardian
Sixty thousand people suffer cardiac arrest outside hospital in the UK every year. Hardly any are as lucky as Muamba: survival rates vary between 2% and 12%. And yet, as Aseem Malhotra and Roby Rakhit observed in a recent BMJ article, it doesn't need to be this way. Seattle has the world's highest survival rate, at 56%. "A laudable statistic," Malhotra and Rakhit call it – and it is largely down to the practice in Seattle and the surrounding King County of teaching CPR in school PE lessons. Over half the population are fully trained.

Bolton West MP, Julie Hilling, has campaigned for this and started a petition which has amassed 100,000 signatures. This is Julie Hilling:
I cannot imagine anything more awful than standing by and watching someone lose their life when it could have been saved if only I or someone else had known what to do. Some of my local firefighters who are Heartstart tutors said something to me that really made me think. One of the reasons that we do not act when somebody collapses is that we are scared of making things worse. They said that if a casualty has stopped breathing, they are dead. Somebody else cannot make them any deader, but they can give them the chance to live.
- Hansard: National Curriculum (Emergency Life Support Skills)

This is from The Bolton News this year –
THE Bolton News is today — Valentine’s Day — launching a campaign to ensure that every child in Bolton leaves school knowing how to save a life in an emergency. 
We have joined forces with Bolton West MP Julie Hilling to promote the teaching of emergency lifesaving skills in schools.

The DoH is avidly promoting death and dying...

The Dying Matters coalition is funded by the Department of Health through its EoLC Strategy and led by the NCPC.

Dying Matters, together with the National Council for Palliative Care, believes all secondary school pupils in England should be taught about issues relating to death and dying as part of the national curriculum.
We have produced a number of resources to help teachers incorporate death, dying and bereavement into lessons.

What in the name of heaven is going on...?

This is Dying Matters

Downloadable resources

·                      School Lesson Plan - download pdf  
·                      School Lesson Powerpoint Presentation - download presentation
·                      School Lesson Pinboard - download pdf 
·                      Essay: Coming to Terms with Death - download pdf
·                      Book - the Dying Matters book, 'Dying to Know', is a great prompt to get
                               the conversation started.

This is all funded out of the public purse, via the State dipping into our back pockets and the Third Sector appealing to our good natures!

What in the name of heaven is going on...?

100,000 good folk have signed a petition to teach our youngsters how to save a life and, according to the Guardian, it is falling on deaf ears.

Do we see clearly now; gone are the dark clouds that made us blind...? This is where their priorities lie. This is Life Café serious stuff!

This is the Mail Online

Pupils are being taught about euthanasia with a video featuring a notorious assisted suicide campaigner nicknamed Dr Death.
Dr Philip Nitschke is shown demonstrating his machine that delivers lethal injections in the film, which is already being shown to pupils as young as 14 across the country.
There is also footage of him giving workshops on assisted suicide methods, which church leaders have criticised as an 'invitation to commit suicide'.
What in the name of heaven is going on...?

The rules for the first responder are to practice to get it right until it becomes second nature. Assess the scene; assess the victim; act fast to save a life.

But now there are other considerations...

Is there a DNACPR advance directive? Is the person elderly; do they appear frail...?

This is Dying Matters

Dying Matters Chair warns against "false hope" of CPR

Dying Matters Chair Professor Mayur Lakhani has urged doctors to be honest with patients and their loved ones about the limitations of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
Speaking on the Kelly Alexander Show, a popular Canadian podcast, Professor Lakhani, a practising GP of 30 years' standing, said he felt "very strongly" about patients and their families being offered the "false hope" of CPR.
Dr Lakhani said research has shown that when a patient is very elderly or frail the chances of survival or recovery when CPR is administered are "so small as to be discounted and actually could leave someone very damaged".
He advised: "Explain that it would be much better for your mother or your father to have a naturally dignified death because they are a dignified person."

...Then, DO NOT - repeat: DO NOT - attempt CPR.

Success is slim; permit them "a naturally dignified death because they are a dignified person".

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