Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Child Theft Antepartum

When wrong proceeds unchallenged then is justice sullied and truth is shamed.

This is Parliament

When a British court that sits in secret may make an order such as this and there are medical clinicians ready and willing to enforce it, then the drift toward that darkness is made certain.

This is the Mail Online

Like any loving mother, Alessandra Pacchieri recalls every detail of her baby girl's face, from her brown eyes to her sweet smile. They are precious memories because in May she was made to say goodbye to her daughter. She is the Italian mother at the centre of an international row after Britain's secretive family courts decided without her consent that she should have a caesarean under anaesthetic, and that after her baby was cut from her womb it should be put into care and earmarked for adoption. 

Mr. Justice Nicholas Mostyn ordered that, in her own "best interests", the use of "reasonable and proportionate force" should be used to enforce his order.

Is this another Hollywood spinoff...?

Are we to permit these assaults on our liberty to proceed?

Say -
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