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Liverpool Care Pathway – A National Health Scandal

Yes, this is ‘our’ NHS, that was so loudly lauded, so proudly applauded at the London Olympics opening ceremony...


Rogue nurses who attack and steal from patients handed 'licence to abuse' as report reveals how few are actually struck off
  • Official regulator the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has often allowed nurses found guilty of crimes to remain in charge of patients 
  • One nurse was sacked for hitting a patient and was charged with assault but was allowed to carry on working 
  • Today the NMC's overseer said in a damning report that patients are being let down because of 'failings at every level' 
  • It pointed to weak leadership, huge backlog of cases, bad morale and poor standards among staff 
  • NMC apologises for its 'substantial failings' and said the report was 'difficult reading'
       By JOHN NAISH


The NMC and its historical failure to manage both its own affairs and those of its registrants has been mentioned here -

Again, the NMC apologises with a whimper but will fail to act upon any recommendation made. Who then is to protect us if those charged with doing so  seek only to protect themselves and their own...?

The Mail continues:
Today, Jackie Smith, the NMC's acting chief executive and registrar, apologised for what she called its 'substantial failings'.
She said in a statement: 'It is clear that the NMC has not delivered effective and efficient regulation, and we are committed to putting that right.'

We've heard that all before...
Harry Cayton, chief executive of CHRE, said the regulator needed new leaders, and must address its 'serious organisational problems'.
He said: 'The NMC must finally leave its troubled past behind and apply itself to protecting the public and rebuilding confidence in regulation.
How many times must the CHRE repeat this before something is done...? This is becoming an oft-recited but meaningless mantra. What is necessary is action.

Yes, this is ‘our’ NHS, that was so loudly lauded, so proudly applauded at the London Olympics opening ceremony...

Here is The Mail -
'Never before has there been such worry over the safety of our relatives and loved ones in care homes and hospitals'

And here is the CQC -

National report finds half of learning disability services did not meet standards

25 June 2012

Care must be more focused on individual people, says CQC.
A Care Quality Commission (CQC) programme of inspections of services for people with learning disabilities found that there was a one in two chance of people being in a service that did not meet the required standards.
The findings are revealed in a national report that analyses the results of 145 unannounced inspections carried out in the wake of the abuse uncovered by the BBC Panorama programme at Winterbourne View Hospital. Inspections focused on examining the care and welfare of people who use services, and whether people were safe from abuse.

Patient dying of thirst rang 999: Inquest hears of mother's fury at nurses who neglected son

  • Nurses forgot to give Kane Gorny his medication and he became so delirious he called 999
  • His mother said she spent hours trying to convince staff he needed attention but was told he was alright
  • Alarm finally raised an hour before his death when a doctor realised how serious his condition was

               Kane Gorny

The Mail reports:
'The death certificate said Mr Gorny died of a 'water deficit' and 'hypernatraemia' – a medical term for dehydration.'

Is this not what happens on the LCP...?

What suffering must its victims also endure before they, too, finally pass on? Or is this suppressed by sedation? And what appears on their death certificates...?

Which is worse: The death by omission through neglect inflicted on this poor young man or the death by commission by the same staff through application of the Liverpool Care Pathway?

Technically, or legally, the former is manslaughter, the latter premeditated murder!

This is ‘our’ NHS...

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