Friday, 10 August 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – Blowing The Whistle

Please sign Dr. Rita Pal's petition before 15th August.

 HM Government

Whistleblowing and Patient Safety

Responsible department: Department of Health
The Department of Health is asked to consider the recommendations made in the research paper Whistleblowing and Patient Safety available here published by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine July 2011.
The recommendations are as follows :-
"Our recommendations are firstly that the profession, through the GMC or BMA Council, should commission a Consultation Group on Reporting Poor Care. This Group will examine the consequences to all parties from incidents of reported poor care. Second, the Government should consider establishing a Health Select Committee Review of Whistleblowing that would make impartial recommendations to Government and the profession. Third, the Government should consider setting up and resourcing a National Whistleblowing Centre similar to that in the US. We believe that only by open public scrutiny will constructive change be cemented into exemplary clinical practice"

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Dr Rita pal
15/08/2012 12:32

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