Sunday, 24 June 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Unthinkable Become Thinkable

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05:21, Jun 23, Name not displayed, United Kingdom
In the Hippocratic Oath we promise to treat honestly & preserve life. Nowadays we speak about benificence & non-maleficence, but we must make sure we do not interpret this too widely.
11:43, Jun 22, Mrs. J Johnstone, United Kingdom
LCP is absolutely disgusting.Who, in God's name, would deny a dying person a drink of water?

17:01, Apr 13, Ms. katherine wentworth, KS
The Catholic Church teaches us that "no commitment to a hoped for 'greater good' can erase or diminish the wrong of directly taking innocent human lives." As believers who recognize that each human life as the gift of an infinitely loving God, we insist that every human being matters to God.

05:53, Mar 15, Paul Lucas, United Kingdom
I'm afraid it's no good medical people telling us that they wouldn't put patients on the LCP without consultation because it's patently obvious that they do. How can someone die with dignity when they are having all nutrients and fluids withdrawn, if a healthy person doesn't have water he will die in about 2 weeks and it wont be with dignity. The medical profession should hang its head in shame, even if it's a government authorised proceedure they should protest that it is against all they're supposed to represent. After all it's no good saying I was only obeying orders when you are causing people to die in pain and without any dignity whatsoever.
  • about 1 month ago
    I am a RGN and totally agree, it is used inappropriately.

Complacency permits the unthinkable to become thinkable and the unacceptable to become possible.

End this scandal NOW! 

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To stand idly by and do nothing whilst a wrong proceeds unchallenged is to make yourself complicit in it.

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