Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – 'A Sad And Distressing Tale'

As you surf the web, it is hard not to stumble upon anecdotal stories concerning Liverpool Care Pathway.

This thread - ‘a sad and distressing tale’ - posted on the Burnley FC News website is not only sad and distressing, it is tragic. It is tragic that this protocol can be proceeding by government sanction, has been rolled out across the NHS (National-socialist Health Service) and is being promoted worldwide.

LIverpool Care Pathway,,, a sad and distressing tale. - Burnley FC forum


Posted 09 Mar 2012 22:39
LIverpool Care Pathway,,, a sad and distressing tale.
A very good friend of mine has told me a sad and rather scary tale regarding his Nanna and the Liverpoool Care Pathway (LCP). His Nanna was elderly 80+ and was diagnosed with cervical cancer (stage 2) and was told it's size could be reduced with medication and that it wasnt a threat to her life. The medication was working but at one stage she didnt feel well so her husband got her to a hospital, they put her in a bed and decided for some reason to do a chest X-Ray on her, a ward Doctor made a decision that she was "riddled" with cancer and it had spread to her lungs. (she did have shadows on her lungs but it was because as a child she had TB) The timescales between the cervical cancer diagnosis and the so called "riddled with it" decision was too short for this to be medically possible, the old lady had had enough and wanted to go home,,,,, she was put back into a bed and sedated,,,, the LCP was judged by someone at the hospital was what was best for her. Please look up and The Liverpool Care Pathway to see what happens when the path has been decided on by medical staff. My friends Nanna died as everyone does that are put on the LCP. The only thing is, with my friends Nanna,,,, she wasn't dying in the first place.
This will be taken to the highest level. An ex Surgeon (retired) has agreed to help the family in their quest for justice.

What scares me is,,, anyone could be put on the LCP, that means someone is deciding when other people die and sometimes they make a mistake.

There is somewhere an online petition and the story is on there, I'll try and find it and link it.

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