Saturday, 30 June 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – An 'Illegitimate' Practice

The time has come to seriously question our attitudes when the throwaway society has become a throwaway society of throwaway people. The social reality is no longer life-affirming, but death-embracing.

Heroes are no more. Health and safety is the first regard and valorous acts are anathema. Risk assessment and health and safety considerations may actually prevent us from rushing in to the rescue.

And in the Brave New World of the Death Pathway, health and safety is to have no regard for – nor dare it impinge upon the autonomous right of - the suicide to commit their intended act!

What a topsy-turvy world we inhabit. The heroic society is become the invalorous, inglorious society and Death reigns supreme over Life.

More: the right to death is proclaimed above the right to life.

The Needle reasons thus -  
As you can see, ‘unlawful’ yet officially sanctioned euthanasia, in an often cruel form, is systemic within the NHS, accounting for almost one third of deaths in the UK’s hospitals. I say ‘unlawful’ because there has not been a single Act of Parliament passed which would ‘legitimise’ this practice. Few people realise that clinicians consider food and water as medicines, and so the withdrawal of medication includes the denial of nourishment and hydration.
That reasoning appears perfectly valid. This is the act of taking life, however, and if that taking of life is 'unlawful' then that is murder. That is a sobering thought.

That this taking of life is State-sponsored is, actually, quite frightening.

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