Monday, 9 April 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – The Alternative Exit Route

The NHS (National-socialist Health Service) has always had to juggle available resources and financial constraints still determine, now more than ever, the decision to favour best outcomes. Executive decisions are taken accordingly, weighing any gain by treatment against the quantitative and qualitative arguments against such provision of treatment -

Whether, quantitatively, it is worth the inordinate cost and expense to the public purse
and, qualitatively, that it is not deemed overly a burden or strain on the family or support network in place.

The medical establishment (e.g. the Scottish BMA) already favours further rationing of available resources. Medical ethicists and commentators have recommended a life-limiting approach to further ration available resources while the proponents of euthanasia and assisted suicide grow daily more outspoken in exhorting society to follow their lead.

Those who urge caution are increasingly sidelined. Still, lone voices are raised, consistent and certain in their belief.

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How voluntary is “voluntary”?

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