Sunday, 22 April 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway - A Practise Of Errors

This cutting is reproduced from the Romford Recorder –

Diagnosis is an area of notorious error in the medical field, as has been variously reported in these pages. This letter was submitted to the paper in response to a front page article which asked, ARE THEY PLAYING GOD? This is the article referred to by Joan Grant in her post on the GLPA  blog site.

Most certainly, some doctors do think they are God and act in accordance with that mistaken self-evaluation and assumption. Because they have the power of life or death they act as though it is a right, as with Shipman, for instance. And that is exactly how Shipman could get away with it for so long, because that mistaken self-evaluation is so pre-eminent in the BMA and on the GMC, and this, their colleague, was only acting in accordance with it.

Thus was our assessment of the situation at that time (2009) - that this was an institutionalised and covert practice of which the profession was aware but which no-one made mention of.

We know now, however, the full extent of this “horrific prospect” that is the Liverpool Care Pathway.

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