Sunday, 22 April 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway - A Policy Of Errors

A protocol is followed and adhered to with a casual assumption that adopted policy does not err. A protocol is not readily challenged. A protocol possesses an assumption of presumed correctness.

With official sanction a policy acquires a distinction which it may not elsewise deserve. It gains a respect and legality that earns it authority. Thus, what was a covert policy, of which the profession was aware but which no-one made mention of, is become a conveyer belt of quite ruthless efficiency – The Liverpool Care Pathway.

Such a protocol is readily extended beyond the 'diagnosed dying' to those whose 'life-prospects' are considered nil or worthless. This is documented in these pages.

In this post, blogged on 14 March 2012, no such diagnosis of 'dying' has been made; the decision to implement the LCP protocols is reached solely on an assessment of the patient's condition and perceived quality of life and, as has been confirmed in these pages by Dr. Pullicino and others, is - put plainly and simply - euthanasia.

Implementation of the LCP is the doctor's decision. It is a legal document which gives cover and protection to those 'doctors of death' and 'angels of mercy' who always knew best and determined, godlike, who should be given assisted passage into the next world and when.

This was always something that 'went on' but which no-one spoke of. No more. It is a legal protocol; it may be initiated even without informing the patient or the patient's kith and kin. It is the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Granted the dynamics of a recognised government policy document, the prospects are become terrifyingly Orwellian and frightening.


  1. my husband died 2 months ago in a local hospice. He was 60 years old and had cancer.Two days before he died he was lucid, funny, gentle and he gave me a poem he had written for me. Then he spent a day in bed, he was hungry so he ate my sandwich lunch and drank the flask of coffee i had made to share.Next day he phoned me at 6am and asked me to go see him.At 8.30am I found him alone and unconscious in bed. He had no catheters, feeding tubes, oxygen etc. He had never needed them. Up to that point he was still walking to the toilet with a walking frame.I have since learned he died from an overdose of 2 drugs and there is to be an inquest. Could this be the liverpool care pathway? Until today i had never heard of it. I dont know what to do. I hate the idea of lawyers and blame but i cant just walk away.I think i am still in shock.I am glad you started this site. I dont think many people know this is going on.

  2. This is so sad, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I've just heard of this too, my mother in law is in a rest home and we're in the process - as a family - in writing what our expectations are to GP and care home. Try and get some advice from others on this blog, your GP, and maybe Citizens Advice. Also there should be what's called a LINk
    in your area. A Local Invovlement Network, usually run by volunteers but they get money from the Government and an organisation like the Council/Local Authority support them. They should be able to offer you some advice. Good luck.