Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway - "Ban The LCP"

The 'slippery slope' is in place and functioning. It is called the Liverpool Care pathway. 
It is not scientifically possible to diagnose impending death as the LCP purports to do. 

The LCP is instead an assessment of the perceived quality of life of the patient by the medical team and as such is euthanasia

Dr. Patrick Pullicino  

This from The Telegraph:

Terminally ill grandmother 'left to starve' by doctors

Under NHS guidance introduced in England, medical staff can withdraw fluid and drugs from dying patents and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away. But this approach can also mask signs of improvement, it has been argued.

Miss Ball, who had been looking after her mother before she was admitted to the Conquest hospital, Hastings, East Sussex, on Jan 11, said she had to fight hospital staff for weeks before her mother was taken off the plan and given artificial feeding.

Miss Ball, 42, a carer, from Robertsbridge, East Sussex, said: “My mother was going to be left to starve and dehydrate to death. It really is a subterfuge for legalised euthanasia of the elderly on the NHS. ”

Be not complacent, therefore, but speak up and speak out. Those who fall victim to this protocol may not, but those they leave behind them whose sorrow gels with an anger in their hearts that such events might befall them and snatch their loved-ones away in such terrible and unthinkable circumstance cry out in outrage!

This post on the Care2 LCP petition site:

13:47, Mar 06, Mr. Peter Dowling, United Kingdom
You can tell a lot about a society by the way it treats its old people, the very young and the very sick. I was born very sick and one day I'll die, hopefully when I'm very old.Hopefully the same spirit of humanity and compassion that welcomed me into the world will see me out of it and into the next. BAN THE LCP

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