Saturday, 24 March 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – And The Creep Of Nazi Bio-Ethics


They weren't joking! It's all been said before.

See here:

Ethicist: OK to kill disabled newborns
October 06, 2001

Singer said society condones other efforts by parents to influence their future children's attributes. On some Ivy League campuses, ads in student papers offer big money to entice female students to donate eggs.

"This is clearly the genetic supermarket at an early stage," he said.

If it is all right for people to try to breed children with high IQs and other desirable characteristics, Singer asked, what is wrong with euthanizing newborns who would suffer throughout their lives because of a severe disability?

Downs syndrome children are prime candidates for his pogrom. In his book, Practical Ethics, Singer writes: “We cannot expect a child with Down syndrome to play the guitar, to develop an appreciation of science fiction, to learn a foreign language, to chat with us about the latest Woody Allen movie or to be a respectable athlete or basketball or tennis player.” (50) 

He suggests that parents may wish to prevent becoming attached to their baby with Down syndrome: “When this can be done at a very early stage of the voyage, we may still have a chance to make a fresh start. This means detaching ourselves from the infant who has been born, cutting ourselves free before the ties that have already begun to bind us to our child have become irresistible.”(51)

What is really frightening is that Giubilini and Minerva go further than even Singer and extend the cull to all new-borns...

The outrageous is gaining plausibility and acceptance. By becoming almost tiresome by its very mention, it is gaining the confidence to be all the more disgraceful, shocking and shameful in its outbursts.

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