Saturday, 31 March 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – And The Shipman Phenomena

If Shipman was callous and totally lacking in any sensitivity to the enormity of his deeds, then the attitude of this doctor must be judged in like manner. The doctor is calmly discussing the taking of a life:

Rather than taking the time and effort to address the question of depression, or ask me to talk with him as his primary care physician and as someone who knew him, the specialist called me and asked me to be the "second opinion" for his suicide.
She told me that barbiturate overdoses "work very well" for patients like this, and that she had done this many times before.

The apparent 'normality' of this telephonic exchange is not just surreal, it is alarming.

More from the Calgary Herald -

Don't follow Oregon's lead--say no to assisted suicide

I am an internal medicine doctor, practising in Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal and would like to commend the Jan. 10 column by Licia Corbella, entitled: "If doctors who won't kill are 'wicked,' the world is sick.' "

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