Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – And The Amis Cull

The foci and modus operandi of medicine were always life and the safeguarding of life. Hence: the taking of the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.

It used to be that our medical people were trained to look for signs of life and to provide support and stimulus to preserve life; now, they are being trained to look for ‘signs’ of death – to ‘diagnose’ death - and to make responsive, even pre-emptive provision for indications, both those apparent and those projected, that will only serve to ensure a self-fulfilment of that ‘diagnosis’.

It is not scientifically possible to diagnose impending death as the LCP purports to do. 

The LCP is instead an assessment of the perceived quality of life of the patient by the medical team and as such is euthanasia

Dr. Patrick Pullicino 

Enter the LCP… 

A care tool originally designed for a hospice setting to recognise when that ‘point of no return’ has been reached in order to provide a merciful end to those already diagnosed as being terminally ill has been corrupted into becoming a tool to be used across the board to ‘determine’ death itself!

Martin Amis, Jacques Attali and Baroness Warnock amongst others are persons of note and prominence in their fields each of whom have expressed unacceptable and morally vile views in the respect of those considered worthy and unworthy of life.

Amis singles out the elderly in this respect.

A useful culling tool to this end, therefore, is become the LCP.

The outrageous and the morally unacceptable

Joseph Goebbels maintained that a lie retold often enough, no matter how outrageous, becomes believable - and believed.

The outrageous and the morally unacceptable, also, repeated often enough, become trivialised to the point of the mundane, almost tiresome by their very mention. Thus do they gain plausibility and acceptance - that, thereby, they may cease to appear so novel and extreme.

They slip in under the radar, a fifth column of ideas that are no longer foreign to our concepts of right and wrong simply because they have permeated our very consciousness and infected our moral outlook, a dark cancer in our soul.

Thus, what was unacceptable is become acceptable and normal. Moral.

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