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Liverpool Care Pathway – A Blanket Policy Of Extermination

In The Telegraph:

Martin Amis says euthanasia is 'an evolutionary inevitability'

Martin Amis says the 'primitive' Christian notion of the 'sanctity of life' is holding back debate on assisted suicide

So, the 'sanctity of life' is a 'primitive' Christian notion?

There can be no-one who does not know of or is not acquainted with these famous lines:

Does Amis, then, seek  the 'unalienable' Right to Death?

In The Guardian:

Martin Amis in new row over 'euthanasia booths'

His comments were immediately condemned as "glib" and "offensive" by anti-euthanasia groups and those caring for the elderly and infirm. Supporters of assisted suicide, meanwhile, insisted that a dignified and compassionate end should be on offer to those who are dying.

Alistair Thompson, from the Care Not Killing Alliance, said Amis's views were "very worrying". "We are extremely disappointed that people are advocating death booths for the elderly and the disabled. How on earth can we pretend to be a civilised society if people are giving the oxygen of publicity to such proposals?
So, supporters insist that 
"a dignified and compassionate end should be on offer to those who are dying."
Well, each day is one day closer to our own demise. We are all 'dying' as surely as, day by day, we grow older. This argument, of course, may be dismissed as 'picking at straws'.

The old are defined as 'dying' because old age is, by definition, a terminal condition and becomes surer with each passing day. It is the old who, by merely being old, are being targeted - by Amis' own admission. And the disabled - by whatever faculty - are a close second to be singled out for termination.

These are frightening times.

These are frightening times, indeed.

It is an old ploy to keep floating an idea that, thereby, it may cease to appear so novel and extreme. 

Thus does the outrageous gain plausibility and acceptance, by becoming almost tiresome by its very mention.

It slips in under the radar, a fifth column of ideas that are no longer foreign to our concepts of right and wrong simply because they have permeated our very consciousness and infected our moral outlook, a dark cancer in our soul.

What was unacceptable is become acceptable and normal. Moral.

The old are no longer our elders, a source and font of experience to be respected.

The old are become a nuisance to be tolerated only as long as they do not become a burden. The weak and the vulnerable of whatever age, considered mentally ‘deficient’ and wanting by whatever faculty, unable to give or to gain benefit from being, are no longer fit to continue their existence amongst us.

We have been here before. These ideas were crushed and defeated in the conflagration of war. Yet, once more, like a phoenix, they rise from the ashes of that holocaust.

Yes, they really did mean to say that...!

Lady Warnock

Baroness Warnock has said that elderly people suffering from dementia are “wasting people’s lives” and “wasting the resources of the National Health Service” and should be allowed to die. These are the words of a well-respected commentator on medical ethics.

Lady Warnock’s comments were published in an interview with the magazine of the Church of Scotland, Life and Work, and have been condemned by dementia charities.

Yes, they really did mean to say that...!

Jacques Attali, is a leading French intellectual and former President of the European Bank for reconstruction and development. He has said, "As soon as he goes beyond 60-65 years of age man lives beyond his capacity to produce, and he costs society a lot of money...euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments of our future societies."

Yes, they really did mean to say that...!

BMA: Let patients die 'to save cash'
Published on Saturday 25 June 2011 13:55THE leader of Scotland's doctors has questioned whether society can afford to pay thousands of pounds to keep terminally-ill people alive for weeks or months when health service budgets are under unprecedented strain.

A callous disregard has been well-entrenched for decades. Long ago, Dr Rita Pal warned in the Sunday Times:

Elderly are helped to die to clear beds, claims doctor
Mark Macaskill and Jon Ungoed-Thomas
2nd April 2000 

THE callous treatment of the elderly in NHS hospitals has been exposed by a doctor who claims patients are denied life-saving treatment, are grossly neglected and are given drugs which hasten death. 

Rita Pal, 28, a junior doctor, was so disturbed by her experiences that she is leaving the profession. This week she will submit a dossier to the General Medical Council (GMC) detailing the cases of abuse that she saw. 
The Liverpool Care Pathway has become the blanket policy of extermination, slipped in under the radar, a wolf in sheep's clothing, by which this agenda may be achieved.

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