Friday, 17 February 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – The Victims Speak Out

Welcome to the 21st Century

The practice has long been in place; now, it has a protocol and a name. The cull has already begun.

These responses are taken from the Care2 Petitionsite -

15:10, Feb 06, Mrs. catherine prentice, United Kingdom
Please all sign , my father has just died on lcp, we were not informed at all that he was on this programe . We were told he had hours to live , he lasted 8 days . Im devasted and i feel so guilty . we were led to beleve was best for him . Was not so . This must stop . ITS MURDER .

11:55, Feb 01, Name not displayed, United Kingdom
Please do not let your loved ones go on the lcp,it is wrong in so many ways. My dad died on this lcp,they never even give him a chance to recover,they stop water going into your body,take you off the meds and give you so much morphine,there is no way to see signs of progress. This sounds horrible but its the goverments way of getting people to die faster and clear up hospital bed space. If i could turn back time i would never allow my dad to go on this. My dads words when he died was. "they are animals"

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