Monday, 3 October 2011

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Unthinkable Become Thinkable And Possible

People at the sharp end of this flawed NHS (National-socialist Health Service) policy that is the Liverpool Care Pathway are crying out to be heard and no-one will hear.

'What is going on?' we asked.

'Nothing is going on,' we were told.

Three-and-a-half years of relentless probing and protest on our part and subterfuge on theirs and we discovered what was going on.


The wrong shall be righted and Justice will be served!

Another person has started their own E-Petition on

This states:

Stop the Liverpool Care Pathwayy

Responsible department: Department of Health

The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is put into place by a medical team when a patient is classed as 'near death'. The patient is then supplied with continues pain relief, and all food, liquid and other medication is withdrawn until they die. Sometimes family's are not notified of this and can not intervene even if they are the next of kin. The medical team use a tick box checklist before opting for LCP, and most of symptoms in the 'check list' of near death patients could be the side effect of many other factors including; reaction to medication, infection, dehydration, generally felling unwell....etc The LCP takes many lives each year, some of which are unnecessary, preventable an taken prematurely! I propose that Doctors, nurses an Care Staff should not be given the choice of playing God, and that the government should withdraw/ban the LCP on non-terminal patients.
Complacency permits the unthinkable to become thinkable and possible.

Please register your opposition here now:-

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