Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Liverpool Care Pathway - Legalised Killing

People at the sharp end of this flawed NHS (National-socialist Health Service) policy that is the Liverpool Care Pathway are crying out to be heard and no-one will hear.

'What is going on?' we asked.

'Nothing is going on,' we were told.

Three-and-a-half years of relentless probing and protest on our part and subterfuge on theirs and we discovered what was going on.


The wrong shall be righted and Justice will be served!

Not at all untypical or exceptional, this comment was made on the GoPetition Liverpool petition site:
October 24, 2011
my, wifes mother suffered the in the same way 20 yrs ago, starvation. and now my wife has just been treated the same barbaric way but with a name to it, the liverpool care pathway. my wife was eating and drinking, when she went in. and speaking. she was then sedated. and it commotised her . she didnt stand a chance with the x in the box criteria. im suing the n h s .it should be abolished . as with hanging. my wifes funeral is this friday. i am gutted, and annoyed. everone speak up and be heard

How often I heard my mother's affectionate lament in response to some silliness or inattentiveness on my part: "Wake up England!"


Wake up England! The Nazis are come knocking by the back-door.

The LCP is a legal document. The LCP is legalised killing.

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  1. My mum went into hospital last Friday with a broken hip. She was a strong minded woman and although her hip was broken she was in high spirits chatting with the staff and able to give account of what had happened to her.
    When we visited her the next day she was being violently sick from the drugs she had been given.
    When admitted to hospital she had not eaten anything since breakfast and didn't eat much of a sandwich she was given in A&E. she obviously didn't eat on the Saturday as she was being sick. We were with her for two and a half hours, no nurses came near although we had to go to them for more dishes for her sickness. I complained that she was not getting enough fluids and they said that she needed a drip. We waited and waited, at the end of visiting still no drip. Another half hour passed and the nurse who had admitted my mum the following evening said that she was just about to put the drip in place, which she did.
    On the following day my mum although glad to see us kept falling asleep and was still being sick.
    I was called back at 10pm, by this time she had a chest infection and the doctor was very concerned and said that she would be a priority case on the surgery list the following day, She never reached the theatre she arrested around 2pm and sadly died.
    The ICU doctor told me that she would not be taken into ICU we didn't have a choice.
    I know this is not exactly like your wife but I feel that they didn't do enough for mum, keep putting off the much needed operation fasting her most of the time she was in their care.
    When the doctor that is dealing with your case agrees that you should ask questions about the care received and had tears in their eyes it raises doubts don't you think.
    I will be asking questions !!!!!!!!