Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Liverpool Care Pathway - Speak Up!

This warranted saying again, repeated in letters big and bold. This is a petitioner's comment left on GoPetition -

October 24, 2011
my, wifes mother suffered the in the same 
way 20 yrs ago, starvation. and now my wife has just been treated the same barbaric way but with a name to it, the liverpool care pathway. my wife was eating and drinking, when she went in. and speaking. she was then sedated. and it commotised her . she didnt stand a chance with the x in the box criteria. im suing the n h s .it should be abolished . as with hanging. my wifes funeral is this friday. i am gutted, and annoyed. everone speak up and be heard

How often I heard my mother's affectionate lament in response to some silliness or inattentiveness on my part: "Wake up England!"


Wake up England! The Nazis are come knocking by the back-door.

The LCP is a legal document. The LCP is legalised killing.

Please register your support for these petitions -

Complacency permits the unthinkable to become thinkable and possible......

Register your opposition here:           care2 

Register your opposition here:

Register your opposition here:        GoPetition


Please register your opposition here now:-

Please register your opposition here now:-

To stand by and do nothing while the wrong proceeds unchallenged is to be complicit in it.

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