Sunday, 24 May 2015

Liverpool Care Pathway - Last Minute Life Café

It's Living Matters Awareness Week and time to reflect how precious life is...

Sometimes, it’s only when life is missing something that others take for granted do we realise just how precious life is.

This is Mail Online 

Without the gift of sight, pregnancy can be a very different experience. But thanks to 3D printing technology, one blind mother-to-be was able to experience the emotional moment of ‘seeing’ her child for the first time during an ultrasound, just like any other mother.

Pregnant Tatiana Guerra, 30, from Brazil, lost her sight at age 17, and never imagined that she would get the chance to see her baby in the womb – until doctors surprised her with a 3D printout of a digital image of her child, allowing her to see her son’s facial features through touch, a precious memory that she would have otherwise never been able to have.
 'If you could touch him, would that let you know what he's like?' the doctor asks Tatiana in the video.

'Yes,' she replies.

The doctor hands Tatiana the 3D-printed image wrapped in a white cloth and tells her: 'That's your son'.

'See if he feels the way you think he does,' he adds.

The mother-to-be is overwhelmed by emotion as she runs her fingertips over the image, laughing and crying as she reads an accompanying braille phrase aloud: 'I am your son'.

Happy tears stream down Tatiana's face as she caresses the soft shapes and grooves of her unborn baby's face, thanking the doctor.

'I am very happy to meet Murilo… before he is born,' she says.
This new 3D printing technology by Carbon 3d looks like science fiction. Perhaps that’s because it was inspired by science fiction.

This new type of 3D printing was actually inspired by Terminator 2.

Watch on You Tube –

Blind mom sees unborn baby's face thanks to 3D technology

Sometimes, only when what was lost is miraculously restored, do we truly appreciate the ordinary everyday people around us.

This is Huffington Post –

It's not every day you get to witness a moment as special as this.

Daniel was blind and hadn't seen his wife's face in over 21 years. What's even more heartbreaking is that he'd never had the opportunity to look upon his daughter's face.

But thanks to the wonders of medical advancement, Daniel was able to have a cornea transplant, enabling him to see again for the first time in 21 years.

In the above video, as the doctor pulls her hand away from his eyes, a wide-eyed Daniel blinks and the biggest grin sweeps across his face.

"Come here so I can see you up close," he says to his wife and daughter.

Then - in what is the sweetest thing ever - he turns to take in his daughter's face for the first time and says: "You are more beautiful than I ever could've imagined."

*Grabs tissues*
Watch on You Tube –

Blind man sees his wife for first time in 21 years and daughter for first time ever

Sometimes, only when what was lost is miraculously restored, do we truly appreciate the miracle of life.

This is Florida Newstime –

A Wisconsin man who was pronounced dead by paramedics after collapsing at his Milwaukee apartment began to move his limbs and breathe just before he was going to be taken to the morgue.

Thomas Sancomb's girlfriend had not been able to reach him for two days so she called police Tuesday asking for an officer to check on him at his home in a high-rise building. 

A fire department officer entered the 46-year-old's apartment with the building manager and found the man collapsed at the end of his bed, according to the heavily redacted report from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner.
The officer called 911 and paramedics from the Milwaukee Fire Department arrived and found Sancomb 'cold to the touch and in rigor' and did not attempt to resuscitate him, the report said.

Sancomb was pronounced dead at 2.10pm at the apartment, forensic investigator Genevieve Penn wrote in the report.

Penn then called Sancomb's brother, John Sancomb, to inform him of the death and an autopsy to determine the cause of death was requested.

A transport team arrived to take the body to the morgue, but at about 3pm Sancomb had some 'spontaneous respirations' and began moving his left arm and right leg.

No pulse was evident, but Penn summoned paramedics back to the apartment and called the family.

Sancomb's pulse returned and he was taken to Columbia St. Mary's Hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit.
This has been Living Matters Awareness Week, 2015.

Don’t let it stop here. Who says there are no miracles? There are miracles all around us. We need only the eyes to see.

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