Sunday, 17 May 2015

Liverpool Care Pathway - Awareness Week

This is Living Matters Awareness Week! Whether it is your belief we only live once or more than once, still, LIVING MATTERS!

What will YOU do for Living Matters Awareness Week?

What plans do you have for YOUR
Life Café...?

This little chap is barely into this world and, already, he is an example to us all. He has suffered but has not succumbed. With his family's love and support, he has endured!

This is from Saturday's ARGUS, the must read paper of Sussex, Brighton and the south coast -

At just eight months old little Hunter Hill has experienced more trauma and pain than most of us.

And there may be more to come for the brave youngster, who was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer just days after he was born.

His parents will have to wait almost five years to find out whether Hunter’s sight will be permanently damaged by the treatment he has had to have to battle his cancer.

The cancer, called retinoblastoma, causes tumours to form in the retina of one of Hunter’s eyes.

The youngster has had to have four doses of chemotherapy along with laser surgery to tackle the tiny tumours which have been forming in his eye.

Hunter’s parents Louise and Robert will have to take the youngster for regular tests and check-ups and he faces further treatment to remove any new tumours that form.

Mrs Hill,32, was diagnosed with the same condition, retinoblastoma, when she was a small child and it has left her with 10% vision in one eye and only light perception in the other.

It was because of the family history that Hunter was diagnosed so early, meaning his tumours are being targeted before they have a chance to develop.

Mrs Hill, of Birchgrove Crescent, Brighton, said: “Luckily my condition was picked up when I was being checked for an unrelated squint. It was a fluke because there was no history of it in our family. We are hoping in Hunter’s case he will be okay but we will have to wait and see.
Louise Hill has been backing World Retinoblastoma Week, which has been raising awareness of the cancer and the importance of eye tests.

So, what will you do for this Living Matters Awareness Week?

It's not too late...

Joy Felgate of CHECT says: “In the UK, almost every week a child under the age of five is diagnosed with Retinoblastoma.

Will YOU hold a collection and share this story of one brave little lad at YOUR Life Café?

You can email at or phone 44 (0) 207 377 5578 for a collecting tin, posters, help and information.

Life is precious.

Living matters.

Will YOU text for brave little chaps like Hunter?

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