Thursday, 10 July 2014

Liverpool Care Pathway - A Tragedy Of Errors

Euthanasia has slipped in like an old friend at the back door and awaits only the nod to be welcomed into the parlour.

Medical mass killing has proceeded as a connived strategy which, according to the NCPC, is only halfway there.

Down at Tiverton, Deep in the Heart of Wessex, they've been having trouble with those forms.

This is Mid Devon Gazette –
INPATIENT services could be closed at Tiverton Hospital unless improvements are made to the way details of end-of-life care planning for elderly and vulnerable patients are recorded.

Health watchdogs found assessments and conversations with family were not properly noted by doctors, and have demanded urgent improvement.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission have issued a warning notice on inpatient services because of problems it found with the recording of information on TEP – Treatment Escalation Plan – forms.

A form can be completed by a patient's GP or by an experienced doctor in hospital. The aim is to enable patients or their relations and carers to see that clinicians are working together to support patients on their care pathway.
The Systematic Reviews used to guide evidence based medicine are not sound...

This is Pub Med –

Systematic reviews are utilized in evidence-based medicine and are increasingly being used to help guide standards, guidelines, and clinical practice.
There is citation and self-citation in support of the evidence base. This is also connived.

This is –
Liverpool Care Pathway - Curiouser And Curiouser And Curiouser
They will pay no heed to the warnings. It is become a political imperative of policy to install euthanasia onto the statute book.

This is yesterday's Mail...

They have been warned. How will they decide?
“But here must end the story of my life,
And happy were I in my timely death
Could all my travels warrant me they live.”

― Will Shakespeare from 'The Comedy of Errors'
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