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Liverpool Care Pathway - Telling It More How It Is

What nonsense! How could they connive medical mass killing? Unthinkable. How could they connive a cover-up of child abuse at Westminster...?

They call these child abusers Paedophiles. The Press rants of a 'Paedo Ring' at Westminster. That is to fall into a trap the Paedophile has set for you to fall into. Call them what they are: Child Abusers!

It began with small beginnings.

Give something a familiar and friendly handle and, already, it is halfway to being accepted and the mantle of guilt is lightened and put into a different, if distorted, perspective.

This is...
Liverpool Care Pathway - Telling It How It Is
And that is what happened in the late Sixties and Seventies. The Loony Left took up the Cause Célèbre of yet another ‘persecuted minority’ and Political Correctness soon placed these vile scum above and beyond any thought of wrong-doing or criticism.

The Woolly-brained Liberal-leaning Left like Fulford, who was involved with Shelter at that time, provided sympathy and support. Notoriously - incredibly! - the Paedophile Information Exchange actually won support from public funding.

It easily slips the mind that these Left Loonies drifted into the political mainstream, seeking and finding the prominence they always craved. MPs like Jack Straw contributed to Black Dwarf. Denis Healey was ex-Revolutionary Communist Party (not to be confused with the ossified CPGB).

Harman and Hewitt were leading NCCL activists and opposed such charges as "corruption of public morals" as outrageously outdated and more to do with the same 'religious claptrap' which had opposed homosexuality. Such charges were akin to a charge of 'witchcraft' being made, belonging to a bygone age, irrelevant and outdated to what they perceived as the advanced social and moral perspectives of the time.

Allen Ginsberg was an advocate of 'intergenerational sex'. The establishment interlopers, like Harman, would have been aware of this and that would certainly have influenced a decision to provide support – sympathetic if not actual – to people like Tom O'Carroll.

Cool man!

Harman denies support of PIE, but she has always followed the leader as the most convenient pathway to self-advancement. She both supported the Blair decision to back regime change in Iraq and condemned that decision under little bro, Ed, to the chagrin of big bro, David. The regime change, of course, was a resounding success; it just wasn't quite the regime change they anticipated or expected.

Give something a familiar and friendly handle and, already, it is halfway to being accepted.

The ‘funny man’ you were warned to steer clear of as a kid – which featured, I remember, as a bit character lifting a little girl onto his push-bike in a 1950s Jack Warner film in which Warner plays a London bobby - has had his profile raised, his conduct made a focus of his behaviour and politicised.

I can remember reading references in Black Flag which set the conduct of the Paedophile or 'child lover' apart from, for instance, the ‘Tom Brown’s Schooldays’ rampant power trip type of conduct such as that engaged in by Westminster MPs getting spiffing orgasms from the vile abuse of the young and the vulnerable.

This is back in the 20th century when the Black Flag was the Black Flag of Anarchy... which is what makes today's world so seriously surreally déjà vu. In this 21st century, young British men are seeking to overturn the establishment with the Black Flag of Islam!

This all stemmed from a distortion of the Reichian/Freudian concept of child sexuality. Reich was much in vogue in the late Sixties/Seventies. He has the odd distinction of having had his books burned by both rabid Nazis and an over-zealous, myopic FDA. Reich's premise was that sexual repression is at the heart of all human woes.

The author of the book, 'The Sexual Revolution' did not personally author the 'sexual revolution'. Reich's work, however, is a reference point for what proceeded.

The crime of committing political incorrectness, of being accused of being a Reactionary or of being Victorian was of greater consideration and import to them than the crime of child abuse. This was, after all, another minority needing promotion and support. It was Society that required grooming into acceptance.

This was yet another case of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. The archaic social mores had to be challenged. Those who called themselves Paedophiles actually considered themselves 'advanced'. It was society that was lagging behind.

Like the case of the Emperor's New Clothes, no-one dared to stand up and stand out and challenge. Is this how so many got away with it for so long?

And the loony left is still around. A work colleague has confided that her group are seeking to "distance" themselves from NAMBLA, the US man/boy love association.

ILGA (International Lesbian Gay Association), which achieved UN consultative status, also had links with pro-paedophile activists.

NAMBLA presents itself as anti-authoritarian, pro-liberty, pro-freedom-of-thought and cautions on the expanding Regulatory State.

The presentation is glib, slick.

Well now...

There are parallels here in the manipulation of language to alter perception and to change minds.

For many, many moons that slipped unnoticed and ignored upon their solitary course across heaven’s dark vault, a concerned and campaigning Daily Mail has thundered forth its campaign for Dignity For The Elderly...

The whistle has been blown, a shrill and persistent rousing blast: a call to act!

And the rules of the game have been rewritten and the goal posts moved.

At long, long last is come to fruition the response to the tireless efforts of that newspaper and, in answer to the rally call, is offered the one and only ‘dignity’ the elderly may be promised, may expect, or may find...

And Falconer's Bill has gone to the Lords to be debated when the Bill receives its Second Reading on Friday 18th July.

It began with small beginnings.

Give something a familiar and friendly handle and, already, it is halfway to being accepted and the mantle of guilt is lightened and put into a different, if distorted, perspective.

Notoriously - incredibly – a pro-euthanasia group has also gained support from public funding.

The pro-euthanasia 'charity' Compassion in Dying, in cahoots with Age UK, has won National Lottery funding to provide an 'Advocacy' for the frail and vulnerable elderly.

This is...
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Shameless And The Brazen
Liverpool Care Pathway - Changing Minds

The choice of words...

Dignity, compassion; it inspires confidence.

The presentation is glib, slick.

It is the manipulation of language to alter perception and to change minds.

It began with a silver line phone line. Mostly harmless...

Mail Online
The grooming begins early.

Euthanasia has long been a topic for discussion in RE for GCSE Religious Studies, looking at Christian views.

Is this to make the course topical and relevant or to instil a normality about what is actually medical killing? To ease and to share the burden that life may have become is really not the same as putting the burden down.

This is The Mail in 2011 –

Pupils are being taught about euthanasia with a video featuring a notorious assisted suicide campaigner nicknamed Dr Death.

Dr Philip Nitschke is shown demonstrating his machine that delivers lethal injections in the film, which is already being shown to pupils as young as 14 across the country.

There is also footage of him giving workshops on assisted suicide methods, which church leaders have criticised as an 'invitation to commit suicide'.
Young minds are being softened up, asked to undertake research into what support there is for euthanasia.

What support is there? What substance is there in claims that are made?

How do you phrase the question such that it does not predetermine the response...?

Should you ask:
“Suppose a person has a painful and incurable disease. Do you think that doctors should be allowed by law to end the patient’s life, if the patient requests it?”
- From the 2010 BSA survey which found that 82% of the general public agreed
Or should you ask:

Suppose a person has a painful and incurable disease. Do you think that doctors should provide counselling to support the patient and to continue to ease and to share the burden that life may have become?

There is social engineering going on before our very eyes and we are blind to it all...

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