Saturday, 10 May 2014

Liverpool Care Pathway - It's Living Matters Awareness Week!

Life is precious. Live every second, every moment as though it is your last. It won't come round again.

Let’s do some Life Café...

It's Living Matters Awareness Week!

CPR saves lives. It doesn't matter what the stats show, this life, this time, matters. This is Herald News -
When Jesse, 14, took a babysitting course 21/2 years ago and learned CPR, he never pictured what it would be like to do it for real. On his mother. 
He remembers watching her slide out of the chair and onto the floor, a moment he talks about quietly, looking down. He called 911 and, at the dispatcher’s instruction, began chest compressions. 
Five minutes later, paramedics took over, using a defibrillator three times to restart the Cole Harbour woman’s heart.
The sea-shore may be littered with stranded starfish; how can you save them all? To this one, this time it matters that you toss it back into the sea. You don't calculate the odds; you act. You just act!

This life, this time, matters. This is the Khalsa Save a Life Campaign -

The Leicestershire Sikh Alliance (LSA) is a community based body which provides the Leicestershire Sikh community with a shared and united platform from which to operate.
Leicestershire Sikh Alliance are providing free CPR training to their community. CPR saves lives!

Khalsa Save A Life CPR Promo

This man, this time, got his CPR training from You Tube...

This is ABC 10 News 

When an elderly lady collapsed unconscious on board his Delta flight from NY to San Diego, it was fortunate for her that he had not heard of the Lakhani Recommendations.
Thrower began performing CPR and chest compressions which he says he had just learned how to do from watching a video on YouTube.
Moments after they began resuscitative efforts, the woman regained consciousness.
"We were like, 'Nana, can you hear us? Can you hear us?' And then she nodded her head."
This Swansea doctor is taking CPR into schools. This is ITV Wales -

"All the young kids, wherever they are, at every school, should learn how to do it..."

There are 8000 cardiac arrests each year in Wales...

Dr. Gareth Roberts is taking CPR into schools.

In Jackson, Mississippi, they're taking CPR into every school...

This is -

Lawmakers have sent to Gov. Phil Bryant a bill to require high school students to take a CPR course as part of their physical education requirements. In addition to the cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, HB432 provides that students in grades 9-12 across the state also would be taught how to use automated external defibrillators. The instructional courses, which would carry one-half credit toward graduation, would be developed by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. "When you reach these students when they are in high school they will carry it with them all the rest of their lives.
What will you do for Living Matters Awareness Week?

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