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Liverpool Care Pathway - In The "Best Interests" Of The Interested?

In the best interest of those who determine "best interests"!

Falconer gives easy assurances that all the bases are covered in his euthanasia charter. The euthanasiacs should be worried; very worried. This 'Magna Carta' may come to permit more than they know or realise.

They thought they had all the bases covered in their Great Charter to protect those deemed not able to protect themselves...

This is This Is Local London –

Tens of thousands of the most vulnerable patients are effectively being kept prisoner in care homes and hospitals through misuse of mental health laws, a damning House of Lords investigation has found.
In the worst cases safeguards aimed at protecting patients with a wide-range of conditions are being used to " oppress " people and force decisions on them, peers said.
They found measures that are supposed to be used to look after at-risk patients, such as people with dementia who might get lost if they leave their care home, are being used on a significant scale to wrongly deprive them of their liberty.
The Mental Capacity Act does not "empower” patients who lack capacity; it empowers those granted the authority to decide what is in their “best interest”.
"The evidence suggests that tens of thousands of people are being deprived of their liberty without the protection of the law, and without the protection that Parliament intended."
We live in a post-Orwellian world and we are groomed to think in newthink. We are long-accustomed now to newspeak and, fittingly, these laws that purportedly provide 'protection' do nothing of the sort.

Forthright as always...

Mail Online says –
Astonishingly, this report by a House of Lords committee on the workings of the Blair government’s 2005 Mental Capacity Act found that ‘thousands, if not tens of thousands’ of old people have been  forcibly incarcerated in care homes or hospitals against their wishes and are being ‘de facto detained unlawfully’.

At the heart of the scandal is the ultra-secretive Court of Protection, set up under the Act, which rules every year that thousands of people are deemed to ‘lack mental capacity’ — so that control of their lives and property can be handed over to social workers and other state officials.
Last year, Mail Online reported the harrowing story of devoted daughter, Wanda Maddocks, who was cast in prison, where she suffered torment and abuse, for rescuing her elderly dad from the clutches of a care home in Stoke-on-Trent where he was being abused and being held against his will. Her dear dad was returned to the care home, where he subsequently died.

Wanda's brother, Ivan, was also hauled before this secret court and forced to endure its humiliation. His two month sentence was suspended.

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The stations of uncensored expression are closing down; the lights are going out; but there is still time for those to whom freedom and parliamentary government mean something to consult together. Let me, then, speak in truth and earnestness while time remains.  Winston S. Churchill 
There are secret courts in this land that sit in judgement behind closed doors, not to decide and adjudicate heinous crimes, for they are overlooked and go unpunished - as at Gosport and Mid-Staffs; no, these are a cowardly breed who persecute the innocent.

We may yet speak out but, already, the censors' guillotine threatens to slice off our tongues should we dare to break the edict handed down by them not to speak.

This court may sit in absence and sit in secret. The publicising of its actions and its edicts may result in incarceration amongst Britain's vilest offenders, as has happened to Wanda Maddocks.

Mail Online does not flinch to report a case that bares remarkable similarity to that of Francesco Errante.

Korean War veteran, Mr. C, served with the ‘Glorious Glosters’. He served his country and served the cause of freedom in the Korean peninsula when the Red Fascists sought to overrun it.

When his wife developed Alzheimer’s, Exeter social workers considered Mr. C not an able carer and, with the authority of the Court of Protection, kidnapped her from her home. His dear wife of 50 years was placed in a ‘care’ home.

Upon his visits to see his dear wife, Mr C became concerned that they were not able carers and protested to the social workers. The Court responded with a further order forbidding him any further contact with his dear wife. That order forbade even contact by post.

How is this ‘care’; how is this ‘protection’?

With any dementia, in sailing that cerebral sea, it is important to anchor those memories that remain to familiar ports of reality and, in rough seas, to keep the home port lighthouse burning bright. What can they be thinking of?

Francesco Errante, likewise, is forbidden any and all contact with his mother, Margherita. He did not know if his mother was dead or alive. Last year, it was confirmed that she is still being held by the Older People's Team at Parkview Lodge Care Home in Bedford.

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In this post-Orwellian world, of newthink and newspeak, a Ministry of Truth is now under construction, by order of the Mitteleuropean Court Of Justice. If you can't find it on Google, it didn't happen...

- The Metro  
The Metro reports that Google has been ordered - and other search engines could be ordered likewise - to rewrite history.

- Daily mail

What has great potential for being a force for freedom may, in Orwellian fashion, be turned on its head and become the instrument of control he foresaw.

Europe is falling into its familiar and habitual pattern, repeated through history. The maze of bureaucratic tangle that so dominated Kafka's writings has materialised before our unwitting eyes.

And is Britain falling into Europe? Then, who is there left; who will stand apart, next time, to defend life and liberty?

The Mental Capacity Act does not "empower” patients who lack capacity; it empowers those granted the authority to decide what is in their “best interest” to determine that they lack capacity!

Mail Online bravely reports further the case of the son who was arrested for taking his father sailing. Family property and assets have been seized. Some might say they have been stolen.

Mail Online here reports the case of Miss G -

A frail 94-year-old spinster fighting council social workers for the right to live in her own home without their interference has been banned from talking publicly about her plight.
In what is thought to be an unprecedented move by the secretive Court of Protection, the former NHS midwife – who can be identified only as Miss G – has been told she does not have the mental capacity to communicate with journalists and that it is in her ‘best interests’ not to do so.

The gagging ruling – which could last for the rest of her life – was made yesterday by a High Court judge who sent a message via a clerk to the Daily Mail, which has highlighted Miss G’s case, warning: ‘This means the press cannot speak to Miss G any more.’
This story is also reported by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph -
I have lately been following the bizarre story of a frail but otherwise capable 94-year-old woman who has become the object of attention by social services. Their aim, it seems, is to take control of her £350,000 home and her substantial savings, to transfer her against her will to a care home and then to evict from the house a niece and her husband who look after her. Having obtained a questionable psychiatrist’s report to show that the old lady is not “mentally competent”, the social workers used an order from the Court of Protection to deny her access to her bank accounts. She only learnt this when a teller refused to give her money and would not tell her why.
Having found her capable of carrying on a sensible conversation, and having heard from her niece how the fear of God is being put into the family by highly intrusive visits from a social worker, accompanied by four police, my friend Ian Josephs arranged for the woman to be assessed by an eminent psychologist, Dr Ludwig Lowenstein, president of the International Council of Psychologists. Not only did she pass all his tests, he was so critical of the report produced by the council psychiatrist that he volunteered to come to court this week to testify as an expert witness.
Britain is falling into Europe... Control is being wrested from our hands. The freedoms for which we have suffered and fought are being snatched back from us.

Christopher Booker further reported in The Telegraph the story of "Wendy" which he compares with that of Alessandra Pacchieri...

Last week, I investigated a story as shocking in its own way as that which I broke last month about the Italian woman detained in a psychiatric hospital who, on the orders of a secret court, was then forced to undergo a caesarean section so that her baby could be sent by social workers for adoption.

“Wendy” has had her two children taken from her and has fought to have them returned to her.
But when, last year, to aid her fight, she repeatedly applied under the Freedom of Information Act to see her medical records and the notes of the social workers, she mysteriously ran into opposition. On December 2, while out shopping, she stopped her car for a cigarette. An ambulance drew up, she was bundled into it and taken to the psychiatric wing of Calderdale Royal Hospital, in Halifax, where psychiatrists and doctors assessed her as insane under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act.
A week later, the psychiatrist in charge of her case told her that her home had been burgled. She was allowed home, under escort, to discover that her house had been ransacked. Nothing was missing apart from papers relating to her case, photographs of her children, reading glasses and £300 in cash. But the same psychiatrist then accused her of having done this herself, even though she was all the time detained in hospital.
The case of Alessandra Pacchieri may be read here -
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This court has now authorised a further medical assault, this time upon an unidentified woman in her 30s. We must go on trust that this decision is reached in the "best interests" of mother and child because this decision is reached in secret.

This is Mail Online –

Are we to permit these assaults on our liberty to proceed unchallenged?

Say -

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