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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Shameless And The Brazen

Life is a lottery, but they want to load the stakes against you...

Dignity in Dying is the Born Again scion of The Voluntary Euthanasia Society and Compassion in Dying is its ‘charitable’ organ. It’s surprising what a name-change and a face-lift can do for your popularity. As many a political party - and estate agent - will tell you, it's all in the marketing and the image.

This Euthanasia ‘Charity’ chummed up with Age UK last year. Together, they conned the National Lottery Fund into throwing some public money their way. An advocacy for the elderly...? Well now, that sounds like a worthy cause!

This was mentioned in these pages...

Shortly after publication, the Age UK link went dead. We thought that maybe, just maybe, they were shamed into taking action; that their East London co-workers had been unaware who they were sharing their toilet facilities with.

We thought that maybe, just maybe, Age UK East London had been unaware they were promoting an advocacy for the elderly with a bunch of folks who promote and advocate euthanasia.

The Compassion in Dying link still works -

Is the Daily Mail aware that their logo is being used as a promo dictum for a pro-euthanasia website?

This is essential reading and you may read further here –
Liverpool Care Pathway - Changing Minds

Liverpool Care Pathway - 'Newthanasia'

We thought that Age UK had been shamed. But the brazen are without shame and shameless. Euthanasia is the talk of the town of Westminster and an East London pilot is going public and going nationwide.

This is e-hospice –

Public money is being thrown the way of euthanasia advocates. Yes, public money.

The National Lottery is supporting the activities and interests of a pro-euthanasia group. Well, why not, anyway? Mr. Lamb has broken silence and stepped out of the closet to openly back Falconer’s Euthanasia Bill.

This is a political act and does not stand well with an ethos of funding good works. The National Lottery has stepped beyond its remit.

If this is not a political act on the part of the National Lottery, may we expect, upon application, that funding shall also be provided to such organisations as ‘Not Dead Yet’, ‘Care, Not Killing’ and other pro-life groups?

The National Lottery claims to ‘fund a better future’.

Well, that says it all. They’re securing the future for future generations! This is the mantra of Simon Stevens' United Health and Simon Stevens' NHS.

They have set out to support death and dying over life and living. They have done so because, underlying all, is this imperative: there is an economic driver in the engine room. They have no choice, as they see it, but to limit life to secure an “affordable and sustainable” future for the NHS “now and for future generations”.

They are targeting “vulnerable older people” to guide groom them in regard to their “end of life rights”. This is very worrying.

This is e-hospice –
The scheme will provide training for Age UK volunteers to support vulnerable older people to make informed decisions about their medical treatment at the end of life, and to communicate their wishes with family, carers and healthcare professionals. The scheme will also provide assistance with Advance Decisions forms, and Health and Personal Welfare Lasting Power of Attorneys.
They are targeting Age UK volunteers to train groom them to provide guidance to “vulnerable older people”.

This is very, very worrying.

The National Lottery Commission lost its independence and merged with The Gambling Commission last year. Has the charitable integrity also been lost?

Have they sold out to corruption...?

This is Mail Online –
Bonuses for top staff including chief executive DianneThompson are dependent upon 'challenging targets'
Many threatened to boycott the National Lottery when the price rises from £1 to £2 this September, saying it was a 'tax on the poor'.

Today, critics expressed anger at the plan to boost the top management's pay after hiking the price of lottery tickets.Marc Gander, of the Consumer Action Group, told the Daily Express: 'If you were wondering where your money is going, now you know.
Yep! Now we know where our money is going, alright; it's going to fund pro-euthanasia groups like Compassion in Dying.

 Cheers to you, Dianne...!

May we now expect more people to boycott the Lottery, knowing that it is funding pro-euthanasia groups?

Anyone for a boycott?

All those in favour...

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