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Liverpool Care Pathway - Recruiting And 'Transforming'!

EoLC... EoLT... EoLTLC...?
They want to legalise euthanasia to legitimise the programme to limit life.


The CCGs have been busy about their work. Trusts have been merged. Records have been mislaid, misfiled and 'lost'. EoLC is high on the agenda. In the newly-formed Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, it is more than just ‘high’: the trust is aiming to deliver not EoLC but EoLT!

Lewisham and Greenwich are advertising for a Macmillan End of Life Transformation Lead on Health Jobs UK –

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is a new organisation formed following the merger of Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Greenwich in October 2013. We take great pride in our place at the heart of the local communities we serve.

Staff will be fully involved in planning any future changes to services, which are likely to be made in two to three years time. We’re an organisation with a firm focus on the future and we are committed to ensuring staff are supported in their roles. By joining us now you can play a role in shaping a new organisation that continues to put patient care first, whatever the challenges ahead we’re prepared to face them as one team.
Macmillan End of Life Transformation Lead : 37.5hrs per week based at Lewisham CCG.
You will be "fully involved" in the anticipated changes to come. Well, 2013/14 has been a crucial  year for EoLC and we are only half way there according to the NCPC 
2013/14 has been a crucial year for end of life care as well as NCPC & the Dying Matters coalition. It has marked the halfway point of the 10-year End of Life Care Strategy; NHS England has launched a process to “refresh” the strategy
Furthermore, the successful applicant will be expected to address such key issues as ‘Early Recognition and Advanced Care Planning’.

‘Early Recognition and Advanced Care Planning’...? Did I read that correctly...?

Mail Online
The EoLT Lead is to be based at Lewisham. Lewisham will be remembered for the part it played in the LKP. The LKP Team at Lewisham would have murdered Mrs. Margaret Kibble, a grandmother in her 90s, if they had succeeded in having their way. 

Margaret’s family demanded she be removed from the Death Pathway when they heard her begging for water.

The “Daily Fail” did a report on Margaret 22 months after the EoLC Medical Experts at Lewisham said she was about to die. But for her family's timely intervention, Margaret would have joined the ranks of the 'missing' 90 year-olds!
She has enjoyed two years of quality time with her loving family and has just seen the birth of her fifth great-grandchild.
But if hospital doctors had had their way, none of this would have been possible for Margaret Kibble.
Mrs Kibble suffers from dementia and has carers four times a day, but her family said that they could not have allowed her to die.
Mr Satchell said: ‘She’s had two years of life, she’s seen two newborn babies.
Yes, she has her moments, but what do you expect? She’s 95 years old.
‘In hospital there was no care.  
'I understand that they see dead people every day, but I don’t and I wasn’t having that.’  Mail Online
They look at people, ask the Surprise Question aka the Barton Method, observe the Lakhani Recommendations and, as Mr. Satchell says, they see dead people.

Mrs. Kathleen Vine would have had her life taken in like fashion. Kathleen, Margaret and so many others would all have swollen the numbers of the statistically 'missing' 90 year-olds. Fortunately for them, nursing error stepped in such that they were not sufficiently 'snowed under' and managed to alert their loved ones.

Kathleen would have died, but she was not dying. It would have been murder. They would have got away with murder. The perfect crime...

What did happen, though, is surely an act of attempted murder. Will these medical criminals, if not taken to court, be taken to task..? No.

Incredibly they remain at liberty, confident in their arrogance, pursuing their programme, and absolutely no action has been or will be taken against them.

Margaret and Kathleen escaped their clutches. So many more have not, do not, will not; these are the 'missing' ones and who may say that this is anything else than a programme to limit life?

The Review said it was all about bad communication and bad implementation...

No, it is about shortening life. It is viewing that tail end bit of life as being of second or third class value - valueless - and, therefore, really not worth or worthy of living. These social and demographic architects are such busy little busies!

The closing date for this post is 14th April. To 'avoid disappointment', hurry, hurry, hurry, because Lewisham is expecting a rush and they reserve the right to close before that date should there be too high a volume of applicants!

Pertinent reading -
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Three Options: A Post-modern Fairytale
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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Morphine Overload
Looking to tender? Don't be disappointed...

An Engagement Event - or as they used to say in the 60s, a Happening! - is being held on the 17th March. This is on NHS Supply2Health 

As a precursor to a procurement process a market event is being undertaken by NHS Warwickshire North CCG to enable engagement with the potential provider market and obtain feedback to help shape the clinical aspects and requirements of delivering good end of life care through an end of life care development team approach.
The Market engagement event is being held on the 17th March 2014 in the G Tech building which is on the George Eliot Hospital site. The event will start at 9.30am until 11.30am.
They're expecting a rush. So...
Please note there a restriction of two attendees per organisation to this event.
Register your interest now!

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS 
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS are compiling inter-organisational data on the ‘frail elderly’ to bring it all together and so better enable tracking and identification of the 1% for palliative care.

Over at Cannock Chase CCG, NHS North Staffs and NHS South Staffs, they are outsourcing a ten year £1.2 Billion contract to ‘Transform End of Life Care’.

Cannock Chase...?

Cannock Chase holds awful, awful memories for those who can remember back that far. Are you old enough to remember?

Morris stalked his prey on Cannock Chase. There was intense interest at the time. It invoked immediately and brought to mind those still fresh memories of the killings on Saddleworth Moor.

Morris stalked his prey like Hindley and Brady once did. Child killers. Absolute wickedness!

Longford advocated for Hindley like he made excuses for those other child abusers who call themselves - and want YOU to call them – paedophiles.

When Brady 'died', they actually gave him CPR and brought him back to life.

A must read -
Liverpool Care Pathway - An Apology
This is on Sell2 Wales –
A two-stage, ten-year contract to manage the transformation of the provision of end of life care in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent, where ‘end of life’ is defined as the care that helps all those with advanced progressive incurable illness to live as well as possible until they die. Stage 1 of the contract will be fee based, for up to two years, and requires a prime provider/service integrator to manage the contracts for all the services along existing primary care, long term condition (LTC) and acute care pathways for children and adults as they relate to end of life with a view to: managing and improving data quality and collection to establish the detailed real time information needed to proactively manage workstreams and predict demand; understanding patient and payment flows; achieving a limited set of service outcomes focused on improving the patient's experience of the service and ensuring equality of access and treatment, including increasing identification of need; identifying and eliminating gaps in service provision through increased service provision. Achievement of the Stage 1 aims will trigger the commencement of Stage 2.

"Manage workstreams and predict demand...?" This is people we're talking about here, not product workflow.

"Understand patient and payment flows...?" This is really going OTT now.

This has more dangerous potential than the CQUINs...
In Stage 2 the provider will assume responsibility for managing the provision of end of life care, in expectation of streamlining the service model. Performance will be against ambitious clinical and service outcomes, with payment based on a risk/gain share arrangement. The required services model will enable identification of all those with advanced progressive incurable illness, move provision ‘downstream’ closer to service users, and allow them and their families seamless access to the right services at the right time.
This has, really and truly has, devastating potential. Fifty years ago on Cannock Chase the wickedness ran its reign of terror. Fifty years later on Cannock Chase a new wickedness stirs. A new terror stalks the Chase...

We have already witnessed a medical holocaust. We are told we are only half way there. What, in heavens' name, is to come, then?

A massive operation is under wraps and under way. It is only through the determined efforts of activists such as Louise Smith that these things are brought before the public eye.

Smith, an indomitable researcher on behalf of the elderly, picked up this story and published the information online on Facebook and Twitter and via anti-LCP pages on 07/03/14 as "Transforming End of Life Care. 10 year contract, Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent” with the web link as used above.

The story was picked up by the FT and published by them on the 9th March. Well done to FT, but top marks (once again!) to Louise!

Financial Times 
Louise gives up all her spare time to her endeavour to defend the rights of the elderly, the weak and the vulnerable. Her Precious spare time is all she has but she gives of it unstintingly.

They have the means, the money and the might behind them with which to undertake (‘Undertake’ being the operable word, perhaps) their designs for life – and death.

Louise has no financial resources behind her and her only means to dig up the truth (‘Dig up’ being the operable expression, perhaps) is her trusty laptop!

This from Irene Ogrizek and her excellent pages (FT, take note, please!) full of essential reading -

Bad news is easy to find: the UK’s Liverpool Care Pathway

This information isn’t hard to find. Louise Smith, an elder abuse activist in London, scours the media daily looking for articles about end-of-life care. On average, she publishes 20 links a day. Her aim, she says, is to present a balanced view on issues affecting the elderly. Although she is against assisted suicide, she publishes links to articles representing both sides of the debate. Even so, much of what she publishes is troubling. For example, while Van Laer’s comments give us a glimpse into Belgium’s difficulties, it’s clear that other countries, like England, are having problems too.
Smith, pictured right, here
So proud are the vainglorious such damage shall they do...?

So proud are they, with heads upheld, they see not whom they trample underfoot!

- Staffs Transforming EoLC

They have made for themselves an ivory tower online from which to peer at their unholy works.

Transformation seems suddenly to be on everyone’s lips! Is it the new buzzword in EoLC? Could we ask Wee Bee Long...?

Well, yes, perhaps we should.

Remember this from these pages...? Wee Bee Long gave a keynote speech on ‘Refreshing the Strategy’ -

This is Refreshing the Strategy, the next five years -
Why this conference?
2013 is a crucial year for end of life care. It marks the halfway point of the 10- year End of Life Care Strategy. The government has said that it will hold a review into the feasibility of a “national choice offer” to enable people to die at home. Dr Bee Wee, the new National Clinical Director for End of Life Care at NHS England, is holding a consultation on how the strategy can be refreshed, following on from reports on the Liverpool Care Pathway and Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust and the failures in care that occurred. It is vital that we continue working to ensure that end of life care is a core priority in the reformed health and care world.
and a workshop was held on - the Transform programme...
Workshop B: What do we need to do to improve care in hospitals? A look at the Transform programme
Anita Hayes, Programme Director End of Life Care, NHS Improving Quality – Delivery Team
Lucy Whitman, Involvement Officer, NCPC & Dying Matters
This is the Transformation Directorate Report – March 2014 from NHS Tameside and Glossop –
End of life care: The Directorate are leading on a number of pieces of work supporting the development of end of life care. A full report is to be presented to PIQ in March:
Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) Policy: The EOLC strategy group are recommending the implementation of the GM unified DNACPR policy in T&G. This has LMC approval. Full detail of this policy will be presented to PIQ in March. 
EPaCCS: Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination
NHS South Central are tying in ACP with organ donation. Already, the balance is tipped from curative to palliative; add in organ donation to the mix and there’s going to be even greater pressure to let them go – or help them on their way. Quite a transformation.

The aim of this presentation is to inform those individuals who are providing End of Life Care about the need to discuss Organ and Tissue Donation as part of Advance Care planning (ACP).
These are devilishly dangerous people.

NHS Central Manchester are closing the net and linking CQUINS to EoLC to EPACCS...


Southampton General, reported upon previously in these pages, now has the grand name of University Hospital Southampton. Readers of these pages will be aware of the wherewithal of that!

Ominously, the ESRC has funded research at Southampton University into continuous sedation until death...
- southampton University 
Read here -
Liverpool Care Pathway - Lamb's Move And Mate...
Southampton University Hospital
And University Hospital Southampton is advertising internally for Divisional EoLC Facilitators.

The ESRC pump taxpayers' money into all manner of research and this has been reported also in these pages.

Everywhere, they are busy. While Right and Left mudsling about outsourcing (and this is probably why the FT took up the story), the outsourcing is to the Third sector...

This is e-hospice –

Macmillan is involved in six EoLC pilots, Hull, Isle of Wight, West Norfolk, Birmingham and Solihull, Dudley, and North London. These will run from April 2014 until 2016.

Macmillan is collaborating with a range of local health and social care organisations and “aims to get people referred to services earlier and prevent unplanned hospital admissions.”

- City HCP Hull
Earlier identification for palliative referral producing total cost savings borne out by the Midhurst Macmillan Palliative Service in Sussex. 

NHS Stockport CCG have been holding EoLC Training. 

The Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale CCG is hosting an education and engagement event for GPs -

No doubt they will have an eyeballing workshop to better facilitate ID-ing their one percent.

Finally, in conjunction with patient and stakeholder events for EoLC,

Birmingham CrossCity CCG are going city-wide with a strategy for EoLC.

No escape...

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