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Liverpool Care Pathway - When The Funding Had To Stop

The socialising of death continues at a pace. We wait with bated breath to see to what extent is its outcome.

They're hiring EoLC Facilitators at a Town Hall near you.

This is Halton Borough Council –
The Gold Standard Framework (GSF) is a system designed to support this process supported by GSF Prognostic Indicator Guidance. This guidance is to assist GP’s in identifying symptoms that would indicate a patient is approaching the last 12 months of life. Once this identification has been made they should then be added to an End of Life register within their GP Practice. By adding a patient to an End of Life register, this will allow regular multi-disciplinary discussions to take place to discuss that patients care. These discussions will ensure clarification of patient needs, the ability to provide pro-active support and act as a mechanism to prompt advanced care planning discussions.
The aim in Halton is for all GP’s to adopt GSF principles in order to provide seamless care at end of life. To facilitate this, a Cancer and End of Life forum with a representative from each GP practice in Halton has been established to identify any gaps and provide an opportunity to share best practice. 
Advanced Care Planning 
Evidence suggests that most people, if given the choice would prefer to die at home. If a patient has been identified as approaching the end of life it is necessary for the team caring for the patient to initiate discussions to establish what the patient wishes are in relation to their care. 
In order for this to happen, we need to ensure that staff and healthcare professionals feel comfortable in initiating these conversations with patients and families and feel confident in explaining the decisions that can be put in place to ensure patient wishes are adhered to. 
To facilitate this, an Advanced Care Planning Team has been established within Halton, which includes an End of Life Care Facilitator and a Project Support Officer who are supported by the wider Palliative care network. The role of the Advanced Care Planning team is to provide staff within both health and social care settings with the skills and training to be able to initiate discussions and effectively communicate with patients and families. 
To date, a number of initiatives have taken place to improve end of life skills across health and social care including; 
• Bespoke training with GP Practices including all staff.
• Half day training events on end of life tools.
• Commencement of the Six Steps training programme in 11 Care Homes.
The document makes pointed reference to the EoLC Strategy, 2008. It recognises that it is "inherently difficult" to identify when a patient is approaching end of life and recommends taking guidance from the GSF Prognostic Indicator and working in partnership with Macmillan. It also recommends the infamous Six Steps.

This EoLC Team of Social Storm Troopers will be going out into the community giving their caseload the eyeball and asking themselves the 'Surprise Question' aka the Barton Method...

This is Community Care -
Care minister Norman Lamb has given his personal backing to free end-of-life social care, but said he could not yet commit the government to the measure.
Speaking in a debate on the Care Bill last Thursday, Lamb said although he was “not in a position to commit the government” to free end-of-life social care, he said that “I want us to do this” and was “determined that we achieve that objective”. He added that as the responsible minister he had “some degree of influence over decision-making”.
He made the comments in response to an amendment from Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston proposing that terminally-ill people be exempted from social care charges to allow them to die in their preferred place.
This recommendation was made by the government-commissioned Palliative Care Funding Review, which reported in 2012. On the review’s recommendation, the government set up eight pilot projects to test its proposed funding model. The pilots last two years and are ending in March.
Lamb added that NHS England wanted to expand the use of electronic palliative care co-ordination systems (EPACs)—which allow people to register their end of life wishes—to increase national coverage form 30% to 70% by 2015. He said in places where EPACs were established, 80% of people died in the place of their choice. Wollaston said she was “absolutely delighted with the minister’s assurance” on free end-of-life social care and would not press the issue to a vote.
Backing from charity
Macmillan Cancer Support, which has long campaigned for free end-of-life social care, welcomed Lamb’s comments.
Community Care
“We are very encouraged by Norman Lamb’s comments during last week’s Care Bill debate and his assurance that he’s determined to introduce free social care at the end of life,” said Gus Baldwin, head of public affairs at Macmillan Cancer Support.
“We look forward to discussing this further with the minister with the aim of making quick progress as soon as the Palliative Care Funding Review pilots looking at this issue have ended in March.”

They're hiring EoLC Facilitators at a Town Hall near you...

This is North East Jobs 
Durham County Council, Children and Adults Services in partnership with McMillan Cancer Support

Temporary for 2 years

A great opportunity has arisen for a short term project worker to undertake a role in leading Adult Social Care’s development of a new and exciting pathway for supporting people on the End of Life pathway.

The project is to scope the current inter-agency network and develop a joined up pathway for people who need both health and social care support. It will also involve the development and rollout of training to Adult Social Care staff.
The post holder will work alongside Adult Social Care Practice Development and Support Team in addition to accessing advice, and expertise from the McMillan Cancer Support service. The post holder will be expected to work with partners at a strategic and operational level and the project will be reliant of the candidate’s experience of this type of work to succeed.

The successful applicant for this post will be required to apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service Enhanced Disclosure.

Required Qualifications:
Degree or Diploma in Social Work and registered with HCPC.Evidence of relevant and recent Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Interviews will be held on Tuesday 11/03/2014 (p.m.)

For further information please contact: Geraldine Waugh, Operations Manager (OP/PDSI) on 03000 268253.

Apply on-line via the jobs portal or for further assistance contact the HR Resourcing Team on telephone no. 0191 383 3081 (24 hour answer-phone) or email
They're holding interviews on Tuesday 11th March, my mum's birthday. Happy birthday, mum! They're taking the Strategy out into the community to the punters; we are only halfway there and those care expectations have to be downsized.

- Mail Online
- Mail Online
- The Express

They're signing up Local Government Facilitators to co-ordinate borough-wide EoLC programmes. Applicants might do well to read up on the above documents and the wealth of reference work put out by NCPC/Dying Matters. This would stand them in good stead to get the job offers.

The successful applicant will demonstrate...

Will they offer incentive payments and bonuses in recognition for innovative EoLC?

This will save the ratepayers a bomb. Both local and national exchequers are going to breathe a long sigh of relief. There are going to be consequences, of course. The demographics are going to take a plunge as these measures begin to bite. We are only "halfway there", as we have been reminded.

Excess deaths...

This is the new Front Line. They are recruiting now for Social Service.

Your NHS needs you to secure affordable and sustainable healthcare - now and for future generations.

These policies really do have consequences.

This is “Active Killing”. It cannot be said otherwise than that. And this is policy.

It’s time for us to wise up. And it’s time for them to own up.

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