Friday, 7 February 2014

Liverpool Care Pathway - When The Caring Had To Stop

They took the care out of caring when they turned it into a strategy. Caring comes from the heart, not a textbook.

This is 2014 and the Scottish Express says 

This is 1967 and Mr. Patrick Gordon Walker says - 
CARE OF THE ELDERLY  Mr Patrick Gordon Walker Commons July 11, 1967
One of the results of debates such as this—we have had a number on this subject—is that it has become generally understood, and is almost a truism, how rapidly the elderly population is increasing and will continue to increase. It is probable that by the 1980s there will be about 10 million people over retirement age, and between now and the 1980s—this is a very serious problem for those who have to plan the development of the social services—the proportion of the dependent population—those under school-leaving age, on the one hand, and those over retirement age, on the other—will be rising much more rapidly than the working population, which has to produce the wealth from which we pay for social security.
This is 2014 and this is what EoLC is all about...

This is the Basildon and Brentford CCG 
Avoidable Admissions and End of Life Care Pathway
Work on the End of Life Care pathway continues. CQUINs for NELFT are being developed with a view to:
· increasing education amongst community staff which will in turn improve patient identification in the last year of life, 
· increasing the amount of people offered advanced care planning 
· increasing the percentage of people on the System 1 End of Life care register

In 1962, the Soviets swopped Red Army jackboots and Kalashnikovs for City Gent shoes and brollies.

...and marched into Whitehall.
...And the kissing had to stop.
This could not possibly happen here.

A programme to limit life could not possibly proceed unchallenged.

But yet it does, hiding in plain sight and in the guise of care.

There have been consequences to this programme. 

The BBC asked - Where are the missing 90-year-olds?

Professor Patrick Pullicino estimated that 29 per cent of NHS deaths involved the LKP. That is a figure which suggests around 130,000 deaths a year.

There are excess deaths.

There are missing people, skewed statistical projections.

What has happened?

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The killing has to stop...

This is The Express 
The caring must begin.

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