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This is a tale that does not have a happy end but is still worth the telling. It is a tale that has a moral; it is a tale that has more to tell than is the actual substance of the tale.

Analia Bouter gave birth to her child prematurely at six months gestation.

The child appeared stillborn. At 26 weeks, what chance does a child stand in any case? Better to let her go. The parents will bear the grief, but they may have more children to fill the space in their hearts...

The medical staff told Analia that her child was stillborn and there were no signs of life.

Twelve hours later, Analia and her husband, Fabian, went to the morgue to visit their dead daughter. They opened the coffin and there was a cry.

The child was not dead. The child lived and had survived the rigour of a frozen vault.

Even at 26 weeks, there is life and hope. Life is precious. Living matters.

This video at ABC News -

This from The Telegraph -

Argentine parents rescue miracle baby from morgue

Parents of a baby girl, born three months prematurely and allegedly declared stillborn say they discovered the child alive 12 hours later placed in a coffin.

The baby, born a week ago, was reported to be in stable condition on Tuesday). The family had planned on calling the girl Liliana Abigail, but changed her name to Luz Milagros, meaning Miracle's Light. 
"I went back to look again and she was moving. So I started to uncover the face and it was like she was just getting up, waking up," Mr Veron added.The Telegraph

The child, Luz Milagros, truly was a Miracle's Light.

Astrologers may divine; scientists may define. What pathway life may tread none may know for certain. None may know when will come the moment of death but those who step in to hasten it upon its path.

Miracle's Light lit a path of joy in her parent's hearts. But that joy was not to last...

Luz Milagros Died 


The Child from Chaco lived 14 months, left for dead at birth, died early this afternoon at a health centre in Rosario, where she was hospitalized for a heart attack.

After suffering a new complication in her health, the baby who was left for dead at birth in Chaco finally died this afternoon in Rosario. Luz Milagros Veron Boutet lived 14 months and was taken Saturday to the Provincial Hospital. Sociedad

Luz Milagros Veron Boutet was born April 3, 2012 at the Hospital Perrando, Resistencia. Her arrival in the world shocked the whole country that, 12 hours after being declared dead, she was found with signs of life in the morgue

She said that's when the baby trembled. She thought it was her imagination — then she realized the little girl was alive and dropped to her knees on the morgue floor in shock.

The baby was so cold that "it was like carrying a bottle of ice," Bouter said.

The hospital's medical director, Jose Luis Meirino, said the facility has strict procedures and the girl was born "with no apparent vital signs." The newborn was attended by obstetricians, gynecologists and a neonatologist, he said.

"About what happened afterward, we have no explanation," he said.

Latinos Post
Did not the child perish in any case? Was she then worth our effort? The grief, the stress and the trauma caused to the parents that they bonded with the child only to have her taken from them? Was that not brutal and unkind?

This is the language of 'best interest' and 'quality of life'. This is the language of the Communitarian and the programme to limit life, that only optimum life should proceed.

This is the language of the death cult which has overtaken us,that would sterilise and clinicalise that last and final embarkation.

Ask Analia. Ask Fabian. Ask would they rather that those precious moments had never been...

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