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Liverpool Care Pathway - These Are Disgusting, Disgraceful People. These Are...

disgusting, disgraceful people. These are disgusting, disgraceful people. These are disgusting, disgraceful people. These are...

This dear lady, deserving of care and respect, received neither of these.

This was reported in these pages in January of this
year -

Marion Bryce-Smith, 93 years young, went into Ipswich Hospital in January 2011 following a fall at her home.

Marion suffered two further falls whilst in their care. The second of these falls caused an inoperable bleed to her brain.

They clearly failed this dear lady in their duty of care to her to permit this to happen. To bury that sin and to bury their patient, they placed her on the Liverpool Care Pathway.

But Marion died on March 17, 59 days later! That must be a record.

59 days later! Clearly, this dear lady wasn't about to die.

Victor Cellarius has written in the Journal of Medical Ethics of the trend of palliative care to include the care of patients who are not imminently dying.

Again, EADT24 picks up the story -

The hearing into Marion Bryce-Smith’s death at Ipswich Hospital was adjourned in January, when the coroner requested further medical briefing. 
Mrs Bryce-Smith was admitted in January 2011, following a fall at her home in The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. 
She suffered two further falls while in hospital - the second resulting in an inoperable bleed to her brain. 
Ashton KCJ, lawyers for Mrs Bryce-Smith’s family, said that three days later she was placed on the LCP - which involves withholding food and drink in the expectation that a patient will die - but lived for another 59 days, until March 17. 
The inquest will be held at the IP-City Centre in Bath Street, Ipswich, and is expected to last for two days. 
In July, the Department of Health recommended that the LCP be phased out and replaced by an individual end of life care plan, following an independent review led by Baroness Julia Neuberger. The review was commissioned by care and support minister Norman Lamb following concerns arising from reports that patients were wrongly being denied nutrition and hydration. 
Baroness Neuberger and her panel recommend that use of the LPC should be 
Anglia itv
phased out within a year and replaced by a personalised end of life care plan, 
backed up by good practice guidance specific to disease groups.

Anglia itv also picked up the story -

In November 2012, in these pages -

A dangerous driver puts patients at risk. A dangerous driver in charge of a defective vehicle is an unacceptable risk too far.

We also said:
Mr. Lamb, you appear to be of the opinion that the problem lies not with the vehicle - the Liverpool Care Pathway - but with the drivers of the vehicle...
Mr. Lamb, there is a problem with the drivers, certainly...! But the vehicle needs to be taken off-road immediately and consigned, straight way, to the breakers yard before it may do further damage and harm!
This was picked up by Glyn Davies MP on 8th January this year who turned it on its head and said:
"To lay the blame at the door of the LCP is like tearing up The Highway Code because there are some bad drivers."
This was seized upon by 'I support the Liverpool care Pathway' on Facebook -


Will those who maintain that it is not the LCP that is at fault but these they admit to be bad drivers please stand up and press for the entire
medical team involved in
Marion's 'care' whilst on the LCP to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law?

These are disgusting, disgraceful people. Prove yourselves to be true and honest to your words and raise the hue and cry against those who have brought your Pathway into disrepute: 

Prosecute These 'Bad Drivers'!

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