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Liverpool Care Pathway - Curiouser And Curiouser And Curiouser

'Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice. 'Dear, dear! How queer everything is to-day! And yesterday things went on just as usual.' 
Or did they?

The following article is published by Guardian Professional. According to The Guardian,
Guardian Professional Networks are community-focused sites, where we bring together advice, best practice and insight from a wide range of professional communities.All editorial content is independent of any sponsorship, unless otherwise clearly stated.

The Guardian report included an interview with Elaine Stevens of the Independent Association of Nurses in Palliative Care.

What is the Independent Association of Nurses in Palliative Care?

According to the link supplied on The Guardian page, Elaine Stevens, is one of five committee members and is Chair of the group.

There is a Treasurer, Carol O'Leary, and two undesignated members, Celia Manson and Mary Holland.

The fifth member, the Secretary, is Margaret Kendall.

The Guardian article is written by Debbie Andalo.

Guardian journalists tend to be lefty, prim and proper types, politically correct and, mostly, woolly-brained. Debbie...

you want to be careful who you brush shoulders with. There are a lot of Arthur Daley types about, you know, who may be not at all who or what they make themselves out to be with delusions of grandeur and self-importance.

This is the IANPC website -

As you can see, they have obtained CME Medical sponsorship. CME Medical is the fastest growing specialist infusion company in the UK.

CME Medical is into sponsorship -

CME Medical Supports Sue Ryder Charity Conference on Palliative Care

Palliative Care Support
CME Medical is proud to be sponsoring an annual conference organised by the Sue Ryder charity at its Thorpe Hall Hospice.
The charity uses the T34 Ambulatory Syringe Pumps to help support patients at the hospice in Peterborough which offers respite care, palliative care and end of life care for patients with active, progressive and advanced illness

So, who is, what is the Independent Association of Nurses in Palliative Care? Where have they suddenly appeared from?

Well, according to the IANPC, they have been around for some time. This is a Letter from the Chair -

Hello and Welcome to our first electronic newsletter. My name is Elaine Stevens. I am a lecturer in cancer and palliative care in Scotland and the chair of IANPC.

The IANPC was developed by a group of experienced palliative care nurses to promote high quality palliative care to all dying people regardless of diagnosis or place of care. We had our inaugural meeting at Palliative Care Congress in March 2010 but due to work and other commitments did not really begin to advertise the Association more widely until the end of 2010.

We have our 1st National Conference coming up in May and we look forward to seeing any members who can manage to come along. Information about the conference can be found later in the newsletter.

Our first AGM will be held at the beginning of the conference and we are seeking two new executive committee members. So if you feel you have the time to give to our Association please contact me for further information.

We would also be delighted to receive information about palliative care initiatives for inclusion in our next newsletter or to post on our website. Information on who to send items to is listed at the end of the newsletter. I do hope you enjoy this first newsletter.


Elaine provides here her University of West Scotland email where she is a lecturer.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you reach an
announcement for the 1st Annual Conference incorporating the AGM.

There is a list of links at left on the main site, one of which goes to Annual General Meeting. Clicking on this link, you are taken specifically to a summary disclosure of the 1st Annual General Meeting -

The First Annual General Meeting of the Independent Association of Nurses in Palliative Care
was held at the Lancaster House Hotel, Green Lane, Lancaster  LA1 4GU
on Thursday 26th May 2011
the AGM was held as part of a full day conference

It is confirmed that the above all day conference booking, made at the The Lancaster House Hotel, for Thursday 26th May 2011 was made in the name of NHS Cumbria

NHS Cumbria.

According to Elaine, by this time, they were "advertising the Association more widely", so it seems strange the booking wasn't made in the Association's name. It does seem odd. This is a booking for the the 1st Annual Conference of the Association, incorporating the AGM, and it wasn't made in the Association's name. 

Any other members of the Association apart from these five committee members declared to be present would surely have expected that to be the case, and heard that to be the case when the accounts were being declared at the meeting.

At the AGM, the Treasurer -
Carol O’Leary (CO’L) gave an overview of the year’s accounts and these were approved as accurate by Celia Manson (CM) and seconded by Mary Holland (MH).
Was the conference booking paid for out of Association funds?

Readers of these pages will know of the controversy of Margaret Kendall and 'The Group that never was'.

Further reading here -

Liverpool Care Pathway - Of Deception And Infamy

Liverpool Care Pathway - Of Deception And Infamy (Part II)

Margaret Kendall's emails -
I can confirm that the groups mentioned in 1-5 below are the same group of which I am chair. Our terms of reference are as follows:

Our purpose as a group of nurse consultants is to promote palliative care nursing within a multi-professional context 


Our terms of reference are as follows:

· To provide a critical body of expert nursing opinion
· To influence nursing practice at local, network & national levels
· To articulate nursing practice to influence policy
· To identify areas of nursing practice in need of further development by research and education
· To contribute a nursing voice to debate affecting delivery of palliative and end of life care
· To provide diverse nursing knowledge and expertise supporting service development

I hope this clarifies.


Margaret Kendall

Consultant Nurse In Palliative Care / End of Life Care Lead

The group is made up of 26 consultant nurse in palliative care who are employed either by acute trusts, primary care trusts or independent hospices.

We are all highly experienced nurses who have worked In the field of palliative care for many years prior to assuming these roles.

The name of the group as you can tell has been under many guises, but the final agreement on a definitive name will be debated at our next meeting March.

As we are all clinical nurses there is no board formulation. We have a chair and a secretary for administrative purposes only. We meet to debate and support palliative care initiatives and to initiate best practice models where none may currently exist.

Neither the DoH or NHS commission work from the group but we work alongside the National End of life Care team to provide the clinical voice for new developments and reviews. Occasionally the DoH ask for a representative from the group to sit on working parties or review panels to provide the clinical nursing input.

We receive no funding whatsoever either for work that we do or for our meetings.


Margaret Kendall
Consultant Nurse In Palliative Care / End of Life Care Lead

Were any individual to award themselves any number of diverse aliases in like fashion as has/have this/these body/bodies, they would likely be suspected of wishing to perpetrate some fraud and the police would likely be called in to deal with it.

Why use diverse aliases in like fashion, unless it is thereby to deceive and mislead that the body of opinion supported and promulgated has wider, broader support than is actually the case, and to provide additional sources for citation?

Margaret, you had already awarded yourself/selves five august sounding titles. Margaret, you then responded to my email with a sixth!

Thus, it is established that the six groups named here –

1.     The National Nurse Consultant Group (Palliative Care) 
2.     The Consultant Nurses in Palliative Care Reference Group 
3.     The National Palliative Care Nurse Consultant Group
4.     The National Group of Palliative Care Nurse Consultants
5.     The National Group of Palliative Care Nurse Consultant
6.     The nurse consultant group

are one and the same group chaired by Margaret Kendall. 

It is now established that these six  named groups did not exist officially under any name at all as that matter was to be decided at their next meeting last March, 2013.

It is now established that this group chaired by Margaret Kendall has had many names and yet has had none.

It is now established that this anonymous anomality of non-persona have had authored and co-authored work published, given evidence to a House of Lords Select Committee, submitted expert opinion, and been cited in reference.

According to Dr. Lofthouse:

1. In 2005, a group claimed to represent "all palliative care nurse
consultants in England ".- "The National Group of Palliative Care
Nurse Consultants"-, in their written evidence to the House of
Lords Select Committee on Assisted Dying in 2005 (see:
2. A statement by another group called the"Consultant Nurses in
Palliative Care Reference Group" in 2012 (signed by an M Kendall
MSc BSc RGN RSCN NDN on behalf of this group on 25/10/12 ) is
currently being displayed on the NHS National End of Life Care
Programme web portal at
in support of the Liverpool Care Pathway, and what they describe
as 'their colleagues at the Association of Palliative Medicine'.
They do not appear to exist.
3. Yet another group calling themselves the "National Nurse
Consultant Group (Palliative Care)" appear to have actually written
the Guidance on nursing the dying for the DoH/NHS in 2011. (see:
, and M. Kendall appears to have been the only named author of this
document. They do not appear to exist either.

This 'group', this bunch of somebody/nobody nurses, representing no-one but themselves, have had profound influence far beyond their stature and their reach.

Now, Margaret turns up as Secretary of the Independent Association of Nurses in Palliative Care. Is this actually a seventh incarnation of the previous six?

Who can tell...?

The booking at the Lancaster House Hotel was not made by the Independent Association of Nurses in Palliative Care; it was made by NHS Cumbria.

Was the conference booking paid for out of NHS funds? Was there corruption involved?

Was this an actual NHS Cumbria conference and are this 'gang of five' of the IANPC doing a Ministry of Truth to rewrite its history to give it some historical credence?

How can we tell...?

You spun us some terrible yarns,
Oh, Maggie
I couldn't have tried
Just to conclude...
At the AGM, "special reference was made to Napp Pharmaceuticals and CME McKinley for their sponsorship towards the Association."
Furthermore, Elaine Stevens said that "Approach has been made to [her] by Grunenthal who wish to discuss possible joint working and sponsorship of the Association."
Grünenthal is a German pharmaceutical company headquartered in Aachen. It was founded in 1946.
In regard to Napp, NCPC (National Council for Palliative Care) offers 'Corporate Partnerships'.
One of these partners is Napp Pharmaceuticals -
NAPP Testimonial

A partnership in the true sense of the word...

The so-called third sector is a profitable business to be in, on all sides, not least because they have money being generously thrown at them by an unsuspecting public.

Charity used to be charity and everything was as it was. Or was it? How queer everything is today.

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