Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway - An Awful Truth

It has been upheld in a court of law that preservation of life is a fundamental principle of law.

A judge is quoted as saying:

"The factor which does carry substantial weight, in my judgment, is the preservation of life. Although not an absolute rule, the law regards the preservation of life as a fundamental principle."

This ruling is in harmony with the Hippocratic Oath and its constraint to do no harm.

This ruling confirms the right to life.

How, then, may this Death Pathway be tolerated and proceed and there be no voice of integrity anywhere raised against it?

The halls of Westminster and the citadels of power in this land ring silent.

These lone voices of those who fall victim ring consistent and true.

Here follows a response to the report in Hold The Front Page

Susan Skinner, Surrey
In 2010, my husband was put on the LCP, unlike Mr. Kasembe, he was actually dying. He was not suffering but had a death rattle, which is not painful. for “palliative Care”, I was told that he would have to have various medications. My question is, if someone is not suffering, why not just let them die naturally?
I urge the family of Mr. Kasembe to keep fighting.
Also a hint, When I went through the notes, I realised that those about the LCP did not make sense without the reverse of the pages being copied. These explain the protocol. Routinely, only the fronts of the notes are copied.
There may not be much money in the NHS, but there IS a lot of money being spent on rolling out the LCP, which is highly politicised.
What I found out nearly broke my heart, I have done quite a lot of work on it but had to give it up to save my sanity.

Susan Skinner comments further -
Susan Skinner, Surrey
Re the autopsy, I suggest, one test is required, morphine poisoning. Also, perhaps medisolam piosoning and haloperidol poisoning, if these were given, and dehydration. (The levels of all these should be evident form the notes).The family is as well to pay to start with, otherwise the results may not be trustworthy as independence from the health authority is a suggested necessity.
Likewise, this family requested that a test for morphine levels be made in pursuit of our concerns. This request was denied. At that time we were unaware of the extent of deceit and subterfuge that would confront us as we pressed ahead with our quest to discover the awful truth. We were in ignorance of the very existence of this Death Pathway. That was all to come.

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