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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Socio-Political Project

When the creep comes to slide, the swing is anyone's guess.

This is the RCM
The RCM was established in 1881 as the Matron's Aid or Trained Midwives Registration Society, but has existed under its present name since 1947. In 1881, Vita Donum Dei was the College's slogan, which meant ''Life is the gift of God''. This was an old hymn that midwives used to sing.
The Chief Executive is:
Responsible for the day-to-day running and management of the RCM, the chief executive works with the executive management team to carry out the tactical operations of the organisation working towards the RCM strategic objectives. Cathy Warwick is the current chief executive.
If ‘life is the gift of God’, the taking of life is not something to be entered into lightly.

If God does not enter into your philosophy, still, life is precious and the moral compass becomes the more steadfast and demanding. The religious establishment warned that the godless were without any moral restraint.

The great challenge of Darwinism and the rise of Atheism in the 19th Century asserted that removal of the Divine from the equation impelled moral judgement to be the more forthright and certain. A Deity is not necessary to ensure rightness of conduct.

Doctrinaire science, the Left and the new atheism were inseparable. The political actor would tread the boards with a pocket watch in hand to challenge God, if there be one, to strike him dead in 30 seconds. The crowd would stand in thrall to watch the inevitable.

The seconds ticked by and, marvel upon marvel, the human David was not struck dead and the divine Goliath made not an appearance to accept the challenge.

Owen, the founder of the Natural History Museum, did not disagree with evolution; Owen could not reconcile the removal of the Divine fingerprint that Darwinism demanded. His statue stood in the hall on the landing of the grand staircase of the great institution his efforts had founded until 2009. It was replaced with the statue of Darwin.

It has been asserted in these pages that it is not a matter of Right and Left but of right and wrong. Likewise, belief or non-belief - or disbelief - in a Supreme Being has no bearing on our actions and our moral comportment.

Whether religious or areligious; it is always correctitude which impels us and correctitude which haunts us.

A fellow student at Secondary School ever maintained that his upbringing had been all the more strict exactly because his parents were Atheists. Their Atheism demanded a moral independence from Divine intervention that had to be demonstrated and reflected in their child's comportment of himself.

A religious perspective does not necessarily command moral rectitude as may be readily demonstrated by the actions of some members of the Roman Catholic priesthood on one hand and by Islamic Fascists on the other.

This is the Daily Mail -

Midwives assist new life into the world, protecting the unborn and the mother, the bearer of the unborn. They are there to nurture and to heal, not to kill. That is the task of the Facilitator or Executioner.

It is improvident and incongruous somehow; it is unfitting, surely, that Cathy Warwick should also chair the UK’s biggest abortion provider, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS).

Question: In a democracy, does not the tail wag the dog?

Answer: The Chief Executive has made an executive strategic decision over the heads of the membership because that, according to the RCM, is her function.

BPAS receives £25 million of public money to carry out 63,000 terminations a year on behalf of the NHS. Ann Furedi is its £145,000-a-year Chief Executive. As with euthanasia at the other end of the age spectrum, killing is lucrative and rewarding.

Her other half, Frank Furedi, revived a revamped RCP in 1978. It was distinguished from its first incarnation by its opposition to state intervention in social and economic life.

That husband Frank was a 'founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party is mentioned in the short bio that accompanies wife Ann's picture. If that has any bearing or consequence on the story is not clear unless the Mail intends this information as if an additional slur to further emphasise and support the case for their argument, as if any were needed.

That is no more sensible than were the actions of the Loony Lefties from Rotherham Borough Council who snatched three children from their happy foster home solely on the grounds that the Foster Parents' UKIP affiliation was inappropriate and not compatible with having in their care children of ‘ethnic’ origin. Who, indeed, was the racist in that case?

That is no more sensible than were the actions of the Loony Lefties who found consort with intolerant Muslim activists to lay siege to the school where teacher, Ray Honeyford, taught to pillory him and parody his name: “Ray-cist, Ray-cist”.

To cite Frank himself:

Critical judgement of the views of groups that are culturally different from our own is to be avoided, because to be judged is to be damaged. Criticism is psychological violence. All groups in society (except of course one’s own) are to be recognised as “vulnerable”, that is, unable to stand up against the injury of having their views and their culture subject to critical scrutiny.
Mary Warnock – Review of 'Therapy Culture'
Who, indeed, was the racist in that case?

We are reaping today the results of that ignorance of the ignorant Left.

I used to have interesting discussions at our project with a visiting fire panel technician of 'ethnic' origin. I would share with him my own childhood experiences of his religion received through the filter of my father's eyes.

My father's time in North Africa during the war were a 'mind opener' for him. The locals he met gave him perspective and insight into their world view and their religion which he shared with his children. He would always say that he was 'C of E' but he would impart to us things like, "They believe in Jesus, too, but Muhammad as Prophet is greater" and "We all - Muslim, Christian and Jew - share the same God".

I would impart this to the visiting technician. He would respond, dogmatic and doctrinaire, inflexible and unwilling to depart from his position: "Of course, the problem that we Muslims have with Christianity is the Cross."

Ray Honeyford got it right.

Why the Mail should mention Ann Furedi's other half at all, apart from the RCP, is further substance that this is intended as a slur to support an argument by implication. It is not taken further nor elaborated upon. 

There is a concern, however, that the reviewer quoted above, an admirer of Frank Furedi, is the Baroness Warnock who has discussed a 'duty to die'. 

See, for instance, -
Glaring moral truth deteriorates into an intellectual debate on persons and potential persons, on non-persons and personhood. This has been reported in these pages and, therein lies substance for argument.

See, for instance, -
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Case For Brewer
Wife Ann states that abortion should be accepted "as an essential method of family planning". Therein lies substance for argument.

Herein lies substance for argument: Society, to function, has to have rules of engagement. If killing, the taking of human life, is wrong then by definition abortion is wrong. The way society has skirted round this issue is to redefine the point at which an unborn human child becomes human, or is even a person.

Wife Ann says ‘on abortion, we trust women’. The ‘We Trust Women’ campaign was launched in February. The campaign’s aim is to make abortion just another medical procedure.

Problem: Abortion is the taking of a person’s life (Sections 58 and 59 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act).

Solution: Redefine the personhood status of the unborn infant.

The 1967 Abortion Act provided exemptions from prosecution to permit abortions to proceed. This was the year Mr. Patrick Gordon Walker made his landmark observations in Parliament...
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Werther Defectives

Liverpool Care Pathway - When The Caring Had To Stop
1967: Fifty years.

The social scientists float their ideas for maximum impact. It is done for reason and by design to permit debate to proceed. The campaign plans are unfolding. They wish to scrap the Abortion Act and redefine the status of the unborn infant. They wish to...?
Liverpool Care Pathway – A Moral Lassitude
In 2014, Giubilini and Minerva published their Defending after-birth abortion in response to critics –
As Helga Kuhse rightly points out, the aim of our article was not that of making an altogether original contribution to the discussion about the moral status of infants. Our intent was rather to draw some conclusions which, in our opinion, had not adequately been spelt out in the past, but which nonetheless seem to follow from what authors like Michael Tooley, Peter Singer, and Jeff McMahan had written. These authors have suggested that newborns do not have a ‘serious right to life’ for reasons related to newborns limited level of neuropsychological development. Our conclusion was that when it comes to striking a balance between the alleged moral status of newborns or their alleged right to life and the interests of existing people, the latter should prevail in the same sense and to the same extent as they are agreed to prevail in the case of abortion. As Kuhse rightly wrote, we took the discussion a step further in that we claimed that parents should be able ‘to seek the death of their healthy newborn infant’ if this significantly affects for the worse their well being or that of existing siblings.
In the case of CP v Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in 2014, Lord Justices Dyson and Treacey and Lady Justice King ruled at the Royal Courts of Justice that a foetus is “not a ‘person’”; rather it is a 'sui generis organism'. Clearly, that decision precluded any possibility that, at any stage, was a human foetus considered a human being with the right to life.

The Left, traditionally, loves a cause: the defence of a persecuted minority it perceives to be in need of protection. Unborn children, because they are unable to help themselves, are surely a silent minority in need of legal protection.

In 2004, a woman's unborn child was murdered 'terminated' in a French hospital. This is BBC News –

A woman whose pregnancy was wrongly terminated in a French hospital has lost her fight at the European Court to enshrine a foetus' right to life.

Mrs Thi-Nho Vo went to the court after French courts said the doctor could not be prosecuted for homicide as the foetus did not have the right to life.

She said it had that right under the European Convention on Human Rights.

But the Court of Human Rights ruled against her, and involuntary abortion did not constitute manslaughter.
If  unborn babes had rights, abortion would be murder.

Abortion, like euthanasia and the Liverpool Care Pathway, is a licence to kill.

Planning for a family is not shopping for children, returning to the store a delivery that was not ordered. A Child is not just a bi-product of sexual union. Just as the child must be taught responsibility, so the parent must take responsibility for the child.

Therein lies substance for argument. Whether religious or areligious; it is always correctitude which impels us and correctitude which haunts us.

Giving up a child, whether through abortion or adoption or surrogacy, cannot be an easy thing. The biological bond impels us and is, also, a source for correctitude.

The instinct to nurture is a drive that impels and which haunts the parent. It may be suppressed or become corrupted but it does not dissipate. The bond and bonding is, according to your belief, either Divine directive or what is coded into the gene to continue survival of the species.

It was not an easy thing for the 19 year old Kim West to give up her child for adoption just one week after he was born. It surely haunted her, such that, 30 years later, when that bond impelled her son to seek her out, she was impelled also to respond.

These days, pseudo-scientific psychologists have all sorts of fancy names for every manner of behaviour. It is lucrative and pays well. In this case, what is clearly the misdirected instinctual emotional bond between parent and child is called GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction).

Parenthood is always the sum of two parts.

Roots are deep-rooted and written into our genes.They impelled author Alex Haley to write the story of his 'roots'. There is a need to know where we came from. Will 'roots' intrude upon the 'happy family' and impel the gamete or surrogate child to seek out the other part?

There is a hierarchy of influences at work that makes us what we are. There is nature which makes us; there is nurture which grounds us; there is culture which grooms us.

Wife, Ann, has pointed out that granting an abortion on the grounds of sex selection is not breaking the law.
Women give reasons why they want to end their pregnancies, and doctors sign a legal document to confirm that in their honest belief (‘good faith’) their patient meets the legal test – which is that continuation of the pregnancy would likely cause injury to the mental or physical health of the woman. - Spiked
Consideration that the intense cultural pressures on the woman may be immense and certainly such that they may very well give cause for concern for her continued mental and physical well-being may give grounds for agreeing to abortion.

There is a perverse parallel here in the innocuous logic of Baroness Warnock's 'Duty to die'...
Lady Warnock said: "If you're demented, you're wasting people's lives – your family's lives – and you're wasting the resources of the National Health Service.

"I'm absolutely, fully in agreement with the argument that if pain is insufferable, then someone should be given help to die, but I feel there's a wider argument that if somebody absolutely, desperately wants to die because they're a burden to their family, or the state, then I think they too should be allowed to die.

"Actually I've just written an article called 'A Duty to Die?' for a Norwegian periodical. I wrote it really suggesting that there's nothing wrong with feeling you ought to do so for the sake of others as well as yourself."

She went on: "If you've an advance directive, appointing someone else to act on your behalf, if you become incapacitated, then I think there is a hope that your advocate may say that you would not wish to live in this condition so please try to help her die.

"I think that's the way the future will go, putting it rather brutally, you'd be licensing people to put others down."
See also -
Liverpool Care Pathway – And The Shipman Psyche
Men and women are, or should be, social equals but, otherwise, they are not 'equal' but different. Difference does not make one better than the other; it just makes them different. It is that difference that has been lost in the feminist drive for equality. 

In neglect of the fundamental difference which defines man and woman, Feminism has become a denial of the feminine.

Strength or aptitude is not what defines the difference.

Women can do most anything a man can do but a man cannot bear a child. With difference excluded from the equation, it may very well be that, as Margaret Thatcher said, when woman becomes man's equal she becomes his superior. 

Obsession with defining 'equality' without including difference into the equation prejudices judgement. Failure or inability to acknowledge difference creates all manner of ills including Dawkins' determination to put Downs children down.

This is a scientifically-planned society and the social scientists are beavering away, moulding our lives in plain sight, and yet do we walk unaware, the fool on the hill, teetering on the edge of oblivion?
Like all sciences, social sciences evolve through the interplay of the ideas and theories of academics and the evidence that supports or refutes them.

Social scientists influence our lives usually without us being aware they are doing so.
- Economic and Social Research Council
Writing in Spiked, Furedi has accused environmentalists of 'misanthropy' for supporting cuts in population and economic growth, rather than investment in technological improvements...
The idea that civilisation is responsible for the perils we face today depicts the human species as the problem, rather than as the maker of solutions. And the most striking manifestation of this anti-humanism is the belief that, if the Earth is to survive, there will have to be a significant reduction in the number of human beings.
This position may appear incongruous with his partner's endeavours; it may be seen that these endeavours are an alternative (final) solution in the slaughter of the unborn in an abortion holocaust on a par with the medical holocaust that has proceeded over the last decade.

He stands accused by Green activists of being ‘cultish’ and of ‘crypto-Trotskyist entryism’. Certainly, members of the original RCP disappeared into the Labour party.

Pernicious and insidious is this a draught spiked with provocative theories and ideas?

This social scientist has set up a driver to slowly infuse ideas into all sides of the body politic, a persistent force that is relentless in purpose to accomplish an irreversible change in perception.

Spiked is the curious 'Hell Child' of Living Marxism, intent on giving its own slant on any and every topic. It does become readily apparent that this is a rather odd assortment of people, all a-clamour with their own particular take on the world.

Traditional perceptions have melded such that they are not so readily categorised. Husband Frank attended the World Social Summit in 2008. A fellow 'protagonist' at the summit was French economist, Jacques Attali.

Jacques Attali, leading French intellectual and former President of the European Bank for reconstruction and development, has said, "As soon as he goes beyond 60-65 years of age man lives beyond his capacity to produce, and he costs society a lot of money...euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments of our future societies."
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Insinuation Of The Unacceptable
The WSS was sponsored by Fondazione Roma. According to the EFC (European Foundation Centre) -

The history of the Fondazione Roma dates back to 1539 when, in order to fight usury, Pope Paul III issued an Edict establishing the pawn-broking institution ‘Mount of Piety of Rome’. The mission was perpetuated through a Rescript issued in 1836 by Pope Gregory XVI, in response to an initiative of worthy citizens, which then instituted the savings bank called Cassa di Risparmio di Roma that subsequently incorporated the Mount of Piety in 1937.
The Fondazione Roma is now a modern 'operating foundation' that implements projects with 'considerable social impact'.

Continuing the European connection, 

This is the 24dash –
A housing association has secured £80 million to support construction of social housing and shared ownership.

bpha announced it has secured the money, which will support the development of over 850 new social housing and shared ownership homes within the Oxford to Cambridge arc.

Over half of the money, £44 million, was raised from the European Investment Bank (EIB) under the Affordable Homes Guarantee Programme.

The Devo Next submissions are tied in with Berlaymont.

The UK dissolution continues with English RSGs.

England could never be swallowed whole. Is that the NUTS (Nomenclature des Unités Territoriales Statistiques) and Bolts of it?

At our little Supported Housing project, the Commissioners have withdrawn to deliberate and we are left in the Green Room to ponder our fate.

All lawyers are ambulance chasers and there is no justice for May.

May's daughter continues her struggle for treatment...

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