Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Real Priority For Care

Let's get the priorities right:
Life is precious and living matters because, when it  comes down to it, when it's gone it's gone...

Here's a ponderous thought for Life Café...
'The burdens of treatment are great indeed but must be weighed against the benefits of continued existence'
- Mr Justice Jackson
and here follows some practical advice from St. John which our children should be learning in school as a matter of course alongside SRE...

Because babies are not just a disposable biological bi-product of sexual union –

Do you know your puffs and pumps? 

Nursery Rhymes Inc. have got you covered. 

Nursery Rhymes Inc. features puppets of beloved children’s nursery rhyme characters, including voices by comedians Adam Buxton and Tim Key, attempting to make a baby CPR rhyme. The video aims to make baby CPR easy to remember.

The Nursery Rhymes Inc. TV ad will air tonight - watch the special extended song edition first here.

Get behind it - tweet #babyCPR. Share with friends, family and everyone you know, so that more people know how to help a baby who’s not breathing.

We’re only able to carry out educational campaigns like this thanks to the support of our customers. 

Thank you. 

PS To spread the word within your organisation or to your customers, please email us for a package of resources.
St. John
Watch on You Tube –

St John Ambulance Nursery Rhymes Inc. Baby CPR advert - extended song version

And some absolutely essential further reading...
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Because it’s not just ‘end of life care’; it’s ‘life care’ full stop.

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