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Liverpool Care Pathway - It STILL Ain't Over!

When the pail of moral restraint leaks half-full it will not be long before it leaks half-empty.

For the man for whom it wasn’t over until it was over, the inimitable Yogi Berra, it is finally over.

We mourn the passing and celebrate the life of the man who was larger than life; who, resolute and defiant, even had a bear named for him: "Yogi” Berra.

Berra passed unassisted. It just finally got late early out there. The fork came in the road and he took it.

The Yogi-isms are many and endless and, even if he didn't say half of what he said, their resounding, light-hearted positivity are rousing for the spirit, a joy for the heart and abundant with that sound Yogi advice.

- Metro
Is there a true British hero living who would not stand in the shadow of the man? Of what kind of mettle are our men of metal made?

Top politicians and top brass have betrayed our service men and women.

Are all our policy makers of melt instead of meld? Is this melted butter dripping from their brains or is it 'brain fever'?

They are put in the pale and are beyond the pale.

At our humble scheme, we are familiar with the pontifications from on high of what is "best practice" but not adhered to and "Charters" and policy documents handed down as though they are tablets of stone or the issuance of kings.

This “charter” is current and issued this year. It declares at the foot that we are a “trading name” of the parent bodies, both “exempt charities”.

The declarations in this ‘Great Charter’ might, at first sight, appear innocuous enough but closer examination reveals either a naivety or something more sinister and far beyond the pale; an innocence or lack of that will betray the innocent to the ordeal of political correctness...

This "Charter Of Rights" solemnly declares that our clients will have the right:

To have their social, emotional, religious, cultural, political and sexual needs accepted and respected.
Can this be real? The other ‘needs’ quite apart, what ‘sexual needs’ are these?

The cause célèbre has always been the 'persecuted minority'.

Back in the early seventies, one such group of people politicised what had hitherto been considered sexual abuse, presented themselves as a 'persecuted minority' and became another cause célèbre of the woolly-brained Left, of melt instead of meld.

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The GLF (Gay Liberation Front) was fresh out the LSE (London School of Economics), the hotbed of all things Left and Loony. The same argument put to support Gay rights was made to support ‘rights’ for Paedophiles. As Gays are attracted sexually to the same sex, it was argued, so Paedophiles are attracted sexually to children.

This "Charter Of Rights" demands that sexual needs are accepted and respected. Is this really real? Do they really mean that without any qualification?

On training, we are told that there are four different types of paedophile. They are allotted fancy Greek terms.

In reality, there are only two types.

  1. Those who know that this is abuse but for whom it has become a 'vice' an obsession that has overcome them. For these, redemption is possible.
  2. The second type 'knows' that this is a natural attraction they feel. Of this they are convinced and those who deny that conviction are denounced as not 'advanced' as they. Society has yet to catch up with them. These are the politicised abusers who call themselves and want you to call them - Paedophiles.

Bibliophile, from the Greek, means book lover, a lover of books. Likewise, Paedophile, also from the Greek, means child lover, a lover of children.

The defined acts of the latter are a grotesque distortion of the meaning of the word. They want to be called and want you to call them - Paedophile. Don't; it is a moral get out of jail card and self-justification to redefine what is acceptable.

What is the purpose of these 'charters'? What are these 'mission statements'? Are they there as just window dressing? The 'job' we used to go to to earn a crust of bread is, it seems, no longer just that. Is there an agenda and to what end and for what purpose?

Was it naivety or was there purpose in the construction of this 'Charter'? Those who were around then and offered support to this 'persecuted minority' are still around now. Is that support and that sympathy still held?

Are they also subtly moulding our thoughts, through ‘training’ and ‘Statements’ and ‘Charters’?

In the UK and across Europe, the social scientists are moulding our lives "without us being aware they are doing so" [Economic and Social Research Council].
Social scientists influence our lives usually without us being aware they are doing so. For example:
  • the role of governments in an increasingly market-based society has been determined by famous thinkers such as John Maynard Keynes and Karl Popper
  • it was an economist who came up with the idea of the National Health Service
  • the payment of billions of pounds of state benefits for the needy has been influenced by the work of social scientists.
Social science research findings continue to provide invaluable information whether you are a parent, a local councillor, a police officer, or a business executive.
 - Economic and Social Research Council 
Keynes was a friend of Shaw, both of them Fabians. Keynesian economics provides for State intervention.

Keynes, wrote in his preface to the German edition of The General Theory, 1936, that the ideas of his book could more readily be carried out under an authoritarian regime:
Nevertheless the theory of output as a whole, which is what the following book purports to provide, is more easily adapted to the conditions of a totalitarian state, than is the theory of the production and distribution of a given output under conditions of free competition and a large measure of laissez-faire.
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

And this theory the National Socialists promptly applied.

Is this obsession for ‘training’ and ‘Statements’ and ‘Charters’ in the workplace indoctrination?

This is concerning if not worrying as we see the Grand Alliance growing and spreading.

The Fabians and the 'Fabians' have been at work for more than a century both subtly and overtly influencing governments and the role of the State.

The social scientists mould our lives "without us being aware they are doing so".

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