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Liverpool Care Pathway - When Justice Must Be Bought And Those Who Seek It Punished

The Health and Social Care Economy has arrived and with no clear demarcation of interest and responsibility...

When the State intervenes and starts throwing public money around, lucrative gain calls, the corruptible are corrupted and independence is lost. The charities become tools to promote State policy and State policy becomes a tool of vested interests, indistinguishable, to procure mutual gain. There is a complicity which threatens veracity and integrity.

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What Nick Seddon called an 'incestuous' relationship between the State and the voluntary sector (Who Cares?)  is an interdependent, mutually profitable, prolific and symbiotic one. Traditional charities have lost their independence, are willing arms of the State and have even made alliances with 'charities' set up with a political agenda such as the unholy alliance between Compassion in Dying and Age UK.

Money-making monoliths are set up which hold charitable status, are registered charities, but not charities in the traditional sense.

Charities – the so-called third sector – are funded not only by voluntary public donation and the press-ganged subscriptions collected by 'chugging' our town centres but also by the intervention and corrosion of charity through state funding. Chugging - paying people to collect for charity - is a defilement of charity!

Government is funded, also, by a conscripted public subscription, through taxation. Lines are blurred and demarcation is become ill-defined.

There is a triumvirate of State, Third and Private Sector. The State outsources the NHS to the Third Sector. The Third Sector forms mutually advantageous partnerships with the Private Sector...

The Third Sector is employed to promote Government policy...

The DoH EoLC Programme was outsourced to the NCPC to groom the British public into accepting dying as a positive life choice. Out of this was formed the Dying Matters Coalition chaired by Mayur Lakhani.

NCPC has focussed on the continued raising of the confidence of GPs to diagnose dying and initiate end of life discussions through an ongoing training programme in partnership with Macmillan, whilst campaigning via the 'Find your 1%' campaign for increased use of end of life care registers (death lists) to pint-size care expectations and the training of health and social care staff to initiate and continue end of life care conversations in particular with people affected by dementia.

Everyone was roped in to promote DoH policy and support the roll-out of the Ellershaw (Marie Curie) death pathway (LKP) aka LCP, even as evidence mounted of the medical holocaust that was proceeding.

Everyone was complicit; everyone looked the other way, in self-denial. Even then, the Review which finally proceeded was selective in what was reviewed and remained uncritical of the principle of the Pathway itself and of the practice of diagnosing dying.

There is an emerging Corporatism.

The intervention of the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) model introduced in 1992 by the Conservatives and resolutely pursued by the last Labour government has seen NHS Trusts hamstrung with a millstone of debt.

See for instance -

Liverpool Care Pathway – And The Rationing Of Resources


Liverpool Care Pathway - Forgetting To Dot The PFIs

PFI capital has built schools and even been employed by Town Halls up and down the country to modernise street lighting.

Local Partnerships is jointly owned by LGA (Local Government Association) and HM Treasury -
In support of the Government’s commitment to ensure taxpayers get value for money from PFI and non-PFI contracts, Local Partnerships has worked with government departments, including HM Treasury and the Home Office, councils and other public service providers to help them realise significant savings through the review and renegotiation of their contracts.

The areas where savings can be made will vary across different sectors, for example, we are working with a number of councils with accommodation PFIs to reduce the maintenance, 

Other savings can be made by removing contractor’s obligations to provide furniture, fixtures and equipment, or by negotiating lower margins.
What does this say, translated into English? It says service expectation is being downgraded. It is being pint-sized.

Corporatism is Fascism. The democratic process is being sidelined.

The PFI Public Private Partnership (PPP) was photoshopped into PF2 in December 2012. PF2 remained as opaquely transparent as PFI.

Partnership working has set foot into utility companies and social housing.

LATCs (Local Authority Trading Companies) have also taken off. These smart ALECs (Arms Length External Companies) are a corrosion of public trust. They are set up with public money. Lines are blurred and demarcation is become ill-defined.

Councils treat their income as their own when it is not: monies are held in trust, conscripted from the local community to serve the local community. Councillors are elected. The democratic process is becoming compromised, a mere formality.

Smart Alecs are setting up LATCs up and down the country.

The Barnet Group is a local authority trading company, owned by Barnet Council. The council has transferred its Learning Disability Services, Physical and Sensory Impairment Disability Services and Housing Needs and Resources Service to The Barnet Group.

Two Councillors sit on the group board. How is their elected role separated from their commercial role?

In Dorset, the Smart Alecs have set up Tricuro. Where is the demarcation set? What tricks may become dirty tricks?

Hosted on the ESSU (European Services Strategy Unit) website and published in partnership with New Directions, a care provider owned by Sefton Council, this is The New Health and Social Care Economy – 

James Churchill steered ARC (Association for Real Change) for more than two decades. He saw “escaping from the clutches of the NHS” as one of the major achievements of learning disability over the last quarter century.

He has expressed concerns about health taking social care back into its fold...

The Health and Social Care Economy has arrived.

It is a web or network, non-clearly defined or demarcated.

This document records that collaboration or market competition and their respective principles and values, determine the Public, Private and Third sector role in the health and social care economy and the ownership of assets.

It is easy to be dismissive: there is no cause for concern; the partnership is fruitful and productive and no one but a hardline ideologue could deny that all may mutually benefit from collaboration because it enables them to do so much more good work.

Individual Solutions SK Ltd is a Stockport Council Controlled Company. The publication states it ceased trading in March last year.

The link to Individual Solutions SK on the Solutions SK website no longer works.

This is Individual Solutions SK hosted on the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council website -

Terry Dafter, Adult Social Care Service Director, is listed as Stockport Council's representative on the Board of Individual Solutions SK.

What happens when an employee takes issue against their employer only to discover that there is a grand triumvirate allied against them of, ostensibly separate and individual organisations, but which have no real independence from each other such that there is no independent resort of appeal?

This is Liverpool Echo -

The chief executive of Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust and three of his top team have been suspended as part of an investigation sparked by whistleblowing complaints.

Jonathan Parry, along with chief operating officer Sheilah Finnegan, human resources director Sharon Partington and deputy director of oerformance, Richard McCarthy are all excluded from work.

The head of another Merseyside NHS trust is being brought in to help run the hospital.

The suspensions follow an independent external investigation into three separate whistleblowing complaints received by the Trust.

The four are excluded while an internal investigation is now carried out.

The Trust has said that during the investigation it will be unable to comment further as it relates to employment matters.
Sue Musson, chair of the Trust, said: “In response to the three whistleblowing complaints made to the Trust and the subsequent independent external investigation by the Good Governance Institute it has been necessary to exclude three senior executives and one other employee.
Individual Solutions SK Ltd is a Stockport Council Controlled Company registered in England and Wales with registered number 5844684.

Phoebe Olesi, the Individual Solutions SK employee in question, has started a whistleblowing petition on and left this comment to the above report on the Liverpool Echo pages...

Dr. Rita Pal has updated her petition reviewing The Hooper GMC Review on Whistleblowing  with a discourse on the independence of 'independent' regulators such as the GMC.

In a corporate society where there is no clear demarcation of independence and collusion of interest permeates every sphere, every nook and corner, and it is held wiser to keep your head below the parapet, it is a brave person indeed who stands up and stands out to speak their mind. In some corporate societies, thankfully not yet ours, such acts may consign you to labour camp or gulag.

The Liverpool Echo has reported on Southport and Ormskirk previously -

There is an emerging Corporatism.

Corporatism is Fascism. The democratic process is being sidelined.

In a corporate society, there is no clear demarcation of independence and collusion of interest permeates every sphere, every nook and corner.

This is a Fascist Regime in the making.

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Footnote: Social Fascism

This was a term coined by Zinoviev in 1923 to single out and isolate the social democratic opposition. Was he but looking through a glass darkly and seeing only a mirror image, a shared ideology?

The war in Europe began with the German and Soviet invasion of Poland which took place in September 1939. It is arguable that Hitler modelled his thought police on that of Lenin. It has been argued he modelled his labour camps on the gulags.

The Gestapo and NKVD (German and Soviet secret police) co-operated in every manner possible to suppress Polish resistance. The concept of mass terror was shared by both.

A total of 145 émigré Polish fighter pilots served in the RAF during the Battle of Britain, making up the largest non-British contribution. These brave men were banned from joining the official London Victory Celebrations of 1946 as a concession to the Soviet Union. The isolation of the Poles, as a group, appears to continue to this day, along with other persecuted minorities.

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  1. Have you seen this?

    DEVON Doctors have announced that out-of-hours GPs will no longer be called to verify deaths in Plymouth care homes – to help\l " ensure help can always be given to the living.

    As of October 1, 2015 the urgent out-of-hours GP service provider has said it will be the responsibility of the home to arrange for the death to be verified and for the undertakers and family to be informed.
    When approached by The Herald, a spokesman confirmed the decision has been made but added Devon Doctors has been going "over and beyond its statutory obligations" up until this point.
    He said: "The reality is that this is already what happens in many areas of the country.