Monday, 8 June 2015

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Great Cash And Grab

who does monitor the monitors and the monitors of monitors?

The CQC has come under fire...


The CQC was shot down by an internal whistleblower claiming the monitor gave a prior nod and a wink during a tendering process.

This involved a contract worth £1.5 million.

The tendering was to look into a ‘risk based intelligence’ approach to prioritising inspections.

This followed and was a response to the Francis report, which found the CQC guilty of catastrophic failures to properly execute its duties at Mid Staffs.

According to Dave Behan, CQC CEO, in true NHS fashion, the CQC will be taking learnings.

Onmedica says –

Allegations were made that the CQC breached procurement rules during the tenders, attempts had been made to “bully and intimidate staff to select McKinsey", and that the firm had been verbally awarded the contract in advance of the procurement and given preferential treatment. However, the review found no evidence to substantiate allegations of bullying or of a verbal contract.
Is there no smoke without fire?

Does accusation insinuate implication and who does it implicate?

It has become practice to reward, as at Mid Staffs.

Despite bullying and harassment allegations, former CQC chair, David Prior, is now a government minister.

Despite suggestion that David Behan ordered the deletion of an incriminating email, he is now himself CQC CEO.

Make of that what you want and many will.

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Simon Stevens' 'way forward' is supported by the £200m Transformation Fund. The Fund is also being hived off as a ‘dowry’ in a marriage of social and health service care.

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So, what’s this...?

2.35pm Strong reaction across the board today in response to the safer staffing story, but also the news that the public health budget will be cut by £200m.
Louise Silverton, director for midwifery at the Royal College of Midwives, said: “This comes at a time when we should be investing more in preventative services and when there is an increasing and necessary focus on this from organisations such as NHS England; this seems to be a case of sheer folly. To also describe this as non-NHS spending is also very misleading.
10.55am The Department of Health is to consult on an in-year cut of £200m to council controlled public health budgets.
The proposal has prompted fears among NHS commissioners of a knock-on impact on their services.
The cut was revealed by chancellor George Osborne this afternoon, and was billed as a saving of £200m on “non-NHS” spending.
£200m hived off the Transformation Fund as a ‘dowry’ in a marriage of social and health service care.

£200m sliced off the Public Health budget.

We're seeing some very cute fiscal massaging and musical chairs here, are we or aren't we...?

A great cash and grab.

Or joined up services and seemingly seamless care?

An integrated NHS and the efficient use of finite resources.

Consistency, consistency, consistency

And it's all fall in with Even-Stevens Communitarian efficiency prioritisation as, addressing the NHS Confederation conference in Liverpool, he puts into suspension the Francis recommendations on safe staffing.

NICE moves to suspend work in response.

And David Behan’s CQC juggles quality and safety to fall in line, prioritising efficiency savings and “use of resources” in its ratings of NHS trusts as a “logical development” of its current approach.

Consistency, consistency, consistency...

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