Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Liverpool Care Pathway - ‘Hands On’ Life Café

When every heartbeat counts, do you check what's on the EPaCCs or do you just plunge in and try and save that life?

Vinnie showed us how with his no-holds-barred ‘Hands On’ technique...
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Meaning Of Liff Café
Let’s do some ‘Hands On’ Life Café, because that life is exactly that: it is precious. Once lost, it is gone forever and living matters!

So, Vinnie showed us how.

Now, St. John Ambulance show us the ‘Hands On’ technique to save a choking baby's life.

A special preview of our new life-saving ad - The Chokeables

Here’s the all star line up: 

David Mitchell - Pen Lid Johnny Vegas - Jelly Baby David Walliams - The Princess Sir John Hurt - Peanut 

The celebrities each take on the voice of an animated object that could potentially choke babies. They want to show you how easy it is to save a choking baby’s life

The Chokeables TV ad will air tomorrow - you can watch it first here.

Get behind it - tweet #thechokeables. Share with friends, family and everyone you know, so that more people know how to save a choking baby’s life. 

We’re only able to carry out educational campaigns like this thanks to the support of our customers. 

Thank you. 

P.S. If you’d like to spread the word within your organisation, please email us for a package of resources.

St John Ambulance #TheChokeables advert: save a choking baby

Following up on ‘Hands Only’ the British Heart Foundation are pushing their Call Push Rescue model -

As there's a benefit in giving rescue breaths, our new Call Push Rescue training model teaches how to do it. However, if you’d prefer not to give rescue breaths Hands-only CPR is still likely to increase a person’s chance of survival and it’s definitely better than doing nothing.

Call Push Rescue - Learn CPR trailer

'Hands On' Save a life; do not adjudge a life to be lacking quality...
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Joy Of Living 
Liverpool Care Pathway - The Final Repose

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