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Liverpool Care Pathway - A True Story: The Next Generation

Is this a war of attrition that we wage, against an enemy insidious in its cunning...?

These pages reported last year a true story.

The story, The Big Kill, was related - for benefit of those too young to remember - in the style of the US 50’s wireless and tv serialisation, Dragnet. Only the names were changed to protect the innocent.

The Overkill -

What follows is also a true story. It is the story of May’s daughter, Jane. Her name, also, has been changed for she, also, is numbered among the innocent...

Jane is now undergoing chemotherapy in the very same hospital that took her mother’s life.

While fighting her own good fight with cancer, Jane continues to fight the good fight for her mother with the PHSO. This is proving to be a farce.

Jane’s case for her mother – after all these months – is still no further forward. In fact, it is at a standstill. The PHSO have responded, as they must to accord with their Mission Statement, but no action has thus far been undertaken.

The case is plain and clear. Permission had to be obtained from the patient to proceed and it was not. Why has not Jane’s case for her mother, then, proceeded?

The PHSO lacks the staffing capability.

What does this say then, about the NHS if the PHSO are so inundated with complaints that they do not have the staff to deal with the volume of complaints?

What springs to mind is our correspondence and dialogue with the CQC.

Particular reading -
Liverpool Care Pathway – The Audacity Of Hindsight
In 2011, the CQC Inspector informed us that there were budgetary constraints on the CQC and that at that time investigations were focussed on care of the elderly. I pointed out that such investigations could also incorporate investigation on the use of the LCP. Mr Jenkins acknowledged what I said but did not hold any hope of such a proposal being accepted.

Budgetary constraints.

It was not until November of 2012 that the ineffectual Review was announced by Norman Lamb. This was at the threshold of a brand new year, 2013, and only following a hard-hitting campaign by a national newspaper, which had itself been vilified for undertaking such a campaign!

Budgetary constraints. Is this why Jane’s case may not proceed?

Lord Carlisle
 called for doctors who put patients on the LCP without their permission to be struck off.

There are a multitude of them! Have any been even hauled before the GMC, let alone been struck off?

Jane is attending the chemotherapy suite three times a week. Last week, she had to attend early to send off her bloods.

Jane arrived at 11 a.m. quite prepared for the long wait that proceeded. At the county hospital where the cancer drugs are prepared, they had to get the dose right. It was a long wait, but the preparation is key to treatment.

At 4.30 p.m., the drugs arrived in the chemotherapy suite. The requisite checks were completed and the drip for the infusion was set up.

On Monday, I accompanied a client to the local pharmacy. I am in the habit of acquiring useful and appropriate leaflets for the scheme and one caught my eye –

The infusion was less than half complete when the line was removed and a saline bag set up to flush her through. It was approaching 6.00 p.m. and they were impatient to get off home to their dinners.

Jane was given her antibiotics but no Piriton. The uncomfortable reaction she gets manifests upon completion of treatment and this point was nowhere near.

Could no-one have stayed with her to complete the infusion? The drugs will not ‘keep’ and are specific to her treatment.

Apparently not. Previously, Jane has been sent through for observation to the ED when the reaction has been severe.

What means this grand reputation? Their purpose was persistent and present in the grooming of May’s family and the taking of May’s life...

Are we blinded by the light?

These drugs were thrown away. That was not good for Jane: she did not complete her treatment!

These drugs were thrown away. That was not good for the NHS: cancer drugs are notoriously expensive!

Jane's daughters have been attending with her and the strain has taken its toll with them, also.

The story so far -

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Do they cast a glamour, do we walk in thrall that we are blinded by it all? 
Yea, though do I walk unto the glamour of the Spectacle, thine Brand and thine Image shall comfort me all my days!

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